How deep is your love?

vagnamesFrom time to time up comes the rather indelicate subject of how deep a girl’s, er, axe wound, er, fish, er, woo-woo, er, minimoo, er, special place, er, front bottom, er, mooncup, er, well, um, I mean, ok, I’m going to say it…


There.  I’ve said it.


How liberating it is for a man to be able to say ‘VAGINA’ out loud.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, this article is about how deep a VAGINA is.

lagoonWell, on behalf of men (and some women and non-binaries) everywhere, I have some life experiences as a heterosexual man that have helped me to answer that very question.  Heck, I’m not talking about me having a 2 centimetre long willy and knowing that it can always be accommodated, albeit accompanied by hysterical laughter on the first occasion, but the pleasure of marriage gives a man the advantage of finding out for himself how deep the vagina is.

So then, how deep is a vagina?

I’ll tell you.  It’s deep enough for a man to lose his house, his car, his children, his dog, and half of all his savings and assets.