The left’s hidden violence

One of ‘mysteries’ of our time is why the media is refusing to report of the rising hate crime. There is a little rise in right wing hate crime, but a huge rise in left wing hate crime. Yet the hate crime from the left goes unreported. Why?

Well, it’s mainly because journalists have a pro-left bias built into their DNA. Journalists can’t help it. If they want a job they have to think pro-left, live pro-left and be blinkered and only see pro-left. As they are trained for their chosen profession, that training is in educational institutions which are pro-left. When they get work placement, it’s in a pro-left newsroom with pro-left journalists. It’s impossible to get a placement with pro-right journalists. There are none. When they look for full-time jobs they look through the adverts for journalists in the only place they are advertised – a pro-left newspaper.

So, if somebody from the left is violent it won’t be as horrendous to them as when somebody from the right is violent. The leftie being nasty and holding up a placard saying, “All old people should die” is not as interesting or reportable as a rightie holding up a placard saying, “Immigrants not welcome here.” The pro-left journalist will be outraged by the latter but will shrug at the former.

During the whole EU Referendum campaign, the ‘left’ supported Remain, whilst the ‘right’ supported Leave, and it was Leave that won.

riotsThis skewed reporting is masking some awful post-Brexit bullying, intimidation and attacks from the left on the ordinary population of the UK who they deem to have voted Leave. Ordinary people are being hounded, attacked, and vilified. MPs who dared to support the Leave campaign now have frighteningly aggressive mobs turning up at their homes and surgeries in order to intimidate and harass. Yet this isn’t being reported, because the pro-left journalists see them as fair game.

When a group from the right decides to have a protest, they will get huge column inches of negativity in the news media, of course. The destruction of property and intimidation from a left wing protest goes unreported, of course.

That’s why we’re not hearing too much about how those who took their democratic right to vote, and voted to Leave the EU are being systematically hounded and punished by the left.