You called?

Here’s a brilliant idea.  Why doesn’t every eating place have this?  I mean, how damn annoying are the servers, the waiter and waitresses, the Maitre D’, the lot of them clucking around when you are in the middle of your meal?  Constantly they come up asking if you want something else, or to ask if everything is ok, and they spoil the mood, interrupt the flow of your conversation, or catch you with your mouth completely full of food.

Then, when you do want something, can you catch their eye to get them to come over? No, you can’t. You want to go. You want the bill. They are nowhere to be seen.

So, here’s the answer. A button. You press the button when you need attention, a bit like when you are on a plane or in a hospital. Now, there’s a button for restaurants.  Brilliant! Get them over to your table only when you want them.  It makes so much more sense.

call button