EU Directive: Don’t mention Hitler

Ah, the mentioning Hitler folly. There was a time when it was ok to dress up as Hitler for a fancy dress party. Not as a form of respect or to honour him, but to parody and ridicule him. Comedy Hitlers were an extension of the song, “Hitler has only got one ball” and they made people who had been hurt by Hitler feel so much better. He couldn’t hurt them or their families now.

We deal with the things that have systemically hurt or frightened us by taking the piss out of them. Those we are powerless to fight we can at least laugh about.

hitlerFor years it was the way we dealt with Hitler. Then suddenly it became taboo. No longer were we allowed to dress up as Hitler. Dressing up as Hitler, we were told, somehow indicated we supported him. Worse still, it PROVED we were Nazis.

The left-wing political correctness brigade had decided that Hitler was not a person to be trivialised any more. Heck, it was almost as if they’d elevated Hitler to some form of deity. You know, like the Prophet Mohammed, or Jesus Christ, fiercely protected by followers who will kill anybody who dares say anything negative about them. That’s what the left-wing political correctness brigade had done with Hitler. Even phrases like, “If you mention Hitler you’ve lost your argument.” were popularised in order to reinforce the ban.

We’ve now gotten to a position where the left-wing political correctness brigade instill more fear in us than, well, Hitler.

It is a fact that the Second World War came about because Hitler saw a future where all of Europe, and beyond, was to be operated under one single authority. His authority. His regime. A centralised unelected method of rule making and implementation over which the ordinary person would have no say, gobbling up countries, removing their identities, and controlling what the populations could and couldn’t do in their lives.

Under Hitler there would be no choice. Obey or die.

So, let’s actually compare Hitler with the EU. I know that’s illegal as far as the left-wing political correctness brigade are concerned, but let’s rebel. Let’s dare to do it. Even though the left-wing political correctness brigade will shout, scream, and try to drown-out the essence of what is actually being said. The left-wing political correctness brigade don’t have a good track record when it comes to freedom of debate or discussion, do they?

euAnyway. Under the European Union nobody has been forced into the centralised top down control we now face. It’s been a slow osmosis rather than the violent and sickening approach Hitler had. We volunteered to give up our basic freedoms, initially thinking we were getting into a pretty neat trading agreement. In order to help that trading agreement there had to be rules. Well, laws. They started off small and relating to trading, but then mutated into the massive collection of laws about everything we do, about how to behave, about how to think.

In North Korea and similar states, the state decides what limited range of clothes its people wear, how and where they live, and what they eat. There are slogans and busts or statues everywhere, usually of the ‘leader’. Is this eventually how the EU will operate?

Already they take money off us, then give miniscule amounts back as long as we use it for a particular project, and, most essentially, provide a prominently placed plaque to remind ourselves and indoctrinate others to believe that the, say, arts project, museum, theatre, was lovingly provided for us by the benevolent EU. But, hang on a sec; we paid them that money in the first place. They kept most of what we handed them compared to the tiny fraction that funded the thing their plaque is attached to.

There we have it. Hitler wanted a single unelected government of Europe. The EU is just that. For the moment we are not allowed to mention Hitler. How long before we dare not speak of the EU with anything other than reverence? When will there be a mentioning the EU folly?