Not everybody is equal


It’s always the A-boards outside trendy coffee shops that say it all.  It’s become one of those ‘things’ that coffee shops do to be ‘right on’.

But, on this occasion a rather important point is being made. Well, two points.

Firstly, marriage should just be called marriage. Yet, so many people still talk of ‘marriage’ and ‘gay marriage’.  They don’t even have the politeness to change ‘marriage’ to ‘straight marriage’, thus instantly attaching a stigma to the ‘gay marriage’ of a same sex couple.  Marriage is marriage, get over it.

Secondly, why are churches allowed to just bully people into putting money into them but don’t pay taxes on their massive income?

Churches sell stuff, ranging from shit ideas and beliefs through to refreshments, bibles and water drawn from far away places, so they are no different to any hippy new age store.  Yet, the latter has to pay taxes. The church pays nothing.


It’s bad enough that in the UK, the church automatically gets unelected god botherers sitting in our Parliament voting on our laws, but they aren’t paying taxes.

Heck there was a faux outcry about Google, Facebook, and Starbucks all not paying the taxes we thought they should have.  But no outcry about the churches paying even less than the big corporations.  As in, paying zero.  Yet, the churches are one of the richest (if not THE richest) organisations in the country.

It’s time they paid their fair share. Why aren’t people marching in the streets about this?