The same truth

truthNope. There are some people who believe that there’s some kind of a great awakening happening.  But there isn’t.

Druggies and those whose mental processes are permanently befuddled by the constant ingestion of anything they get hold of to bend their minds rather than experience reality, commonly believe that they are experiencing or about to experience some nirvana.  In their minds, rather than deal with the confusion and permanent messed-up feeling, they’ll pretend it’s some kind of enlightenment they are experiencing.  It isn’t.

People finding religion, usually by being brainwashed by others, also start to believe that what they are being delivered to is a new and exciting path to something. Again, it’s a great awakening. Except it isn’t.

Consider those who slowly yet completely calmly believe that blowing themselves up for a religion is rational.  They’ll believe that a great paradise awaits them. It isn’t.

In politics we have the resounding rise of extremists like Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn. Their followers and idolisers believe they are speakers of a great truth and that the world of the politician is about to radically change. It isn’t.

What about the conspiracy theorists, the truthers, the 9/11 and moon landing deniers, the extremists who think normality is the open carrying of weapons designed to cause mass murder? The great awakening they feel they have is more a mental illness, an extreme paranoia. They believe they are on the path to a hidden truth that will in some way set them free.  However, there is no hidden truth and as for it setting them free, well, it isn’t.

So, you see, there are multiple groups of delusional people all thinking they are awakening to some new shared ‘truth’.  They aren’t.