The Royal that hates humanity

There’s something a little bit evil and twisted about the older members of our Royal Family isn’t there?

I don’t mean that they are really lizards or anything like that. Hey, I don’t smoke dope so I don’t suffer from paranoia or believe those kind of mental conspiracy theories.

Before I start on the older mad ones, I do like the down to earth and in touch-ness of Wills and Harry. Yeah, they are privileged beyond belief, but there is something ‘real’ about both of them.

Heck, when dad Charlie pops his clogs, Wills will be our king. If we still have to have an unelected monarchy thrust upon us by the time it’s his turn, then I think he’ll be a good people’s king. But, who knows what on earth a king is actually there for. We could surely survive without one along with all the extended hangers on. France might be able to teach us how to move away from monarchy.  That’s for a future debate though.

But before Wills gets to wear the shiny hat, we’ll have a right Charlie sitting on the throne. Yep, our king will be the old fella who was shagging his current wife before during and after marrying his first wife. Can we trust him? Our king will be the old fella who talks to his plants and vegetables in his greenhouse. Well, his greenhouse by ownership. Everything inside will have been lovingly attended to by a professional gardener. Charles ain’t no professional or even amatuer gardener, he’s a professional handshaker, poser for photographs and speaker at lecterns. And his dad is the Queen’s husband, and has probably contributed to Charlie‘s madness.

One of a number of very scary things about the Duke of Edinburgh is that despite his life of complete opulence, unparalleled privilege, completely paid for by us, he hates humanity. He hates us. He has said that when he dies he’d like to come back as a plague virus in order to wipe humanity out.

How dare a person who has everything that we don’t and can never have threaten to kill us. How dare this madman be so bored with us little annoying unprivileged humans that he wishes us dead. How dare he disregard us with a hatred we normally except from Islamic State converts. Maybe he wouldn’t be so bored if he’d had to worry about where his next meal was coming from, or hadn’t had servants doing everything from cooking and cleaning for him, to dressing him and rearing his children for him, leaving him able to live an untroubled luxury life of doing not much more than going to exotic places in order to walk on red carpet and eat food.

A far cry from the struggling couple that might be working every hour they can in order to make ends meet in order to bring up their children. The couple and child he wishes were dead.

What a disgusting apology for a human being this old spoilt brat is.