Orchestrating the greenie sheeple

Those who wish to manipulate and gain power are lucky that countries are full of sheeple.  Especially the UK. Sheeple are the ones easily led when they hear things that fit their pre-delusional beliefs.

Greenies and eco-loonies are sheeple.  They are easily led.  Extremely easily led.  Especially on matters relating to the environment.  The greatest motivator is the trumped up fear of global warming.

Exploiting this and other fears is how the manipulation begins.

Take as an example the massive ‘green’ hatred of and movement against ‘fracking’.  Let’s ask ourselves why anybody in the bigger picture would want us to not frack.

Aha.  Maybe so that we wouldn’t become as energy independent as we could or should.  Maybe so that we will have to buy our energy from them.  Not only does this cost us and give the energy suppliers our money, but it also gives them power over us. We become dependant.

Of course, the bigger picture elludes the green sheeple, who will dutifully swallow what they are told about the pretend dangers or horrors of fracking, and will do all they can to obstruct and ensure that the UK remains a dependency.

The crazy thing is that the green sheeple narrow field of vision is such that they don’t realise and cannot see the actual damage they are doing.  Meanwhile, those who are manipulating them are laughing all the way to the bank. This is why the greenie anti-establishment agitation is so highly funded.

Indeed, almost all panic inducing catastrophic climate change propaganda comes from extremely highly funded organisations who preach with a vague nod to aspects of climate science that suit their narrative. Alas, when others who have a broader understanding of climate science dare to say, “Yes but…” the highly funded green machine shouts them down by repeatedly screaming the word “Denier” in order to try to make the ignorant confuse climate science experts with Holocaust Deniers.

The same sheeple that oppose fracking also unquestioningly believe that humans are to blame for something – anything – bad, and so will protest, shout and scream on demand about any issue that might stand in the way of keeping us dependant on those who are funding their protests.

It’s all very cleverly orchestrated.  Very very cleverly orchestrated.