This is not politically correct

OMG!  Like, yeah, have you seen what the agitators and haters did with the BBC’s Top Gear and their use of the ‘P‘ word?

Yeah, that’s right, they complained that it was offensive to the travelling community.  Not that the travelling community truly cared, but the haters of Jeremy Clarkson, the politically correctness police, want to do all they can to oppress any of his humour and to teach the planet that right-leaning Clarkson is bad.  Had he been a leftie, they’d have left him alone, of course.  Lefties on the BBC are never challenged or given a hard time, because they are toeing the Guardian‘s political line and spreading the ‘agenda’. Right on, comrades.

So, imagine my shock to see this blatant bit of racism, provocation, or whatever label we have to give it, displayed in a Starbucks.  Yes, a Starbucks displaying the ‘P‘ word so openly and uncaringly.

I expect a massive revolt against this. Eventually. Well, maybe.