Coming out about who I really am inside

I believe it is my right to declare and to ‘come out’ when it comes to how I identify myself.

Deep breath.

This is my ‘coming out’ article.

racheldWe recently had the story of a pale-faced Caucasian (White) woman called Rachel Dolezal who randomly decided to darken her skin and that she was Black (or African-American).  So much so that she took charge of a chapter of a Blacks-only organisation designed to advance Black people in American society, where they are still predominantly discriminated against.  She managed this even though she was (and still is) completely White.

Bizarrely the organisation didn’t sack her for her deception, but, under media spotlight pressure, she eventually decided to step down of her own accord.

Historically she’d attempted to sue a University because she was, at that time, White, yet had decided she was being discriminated against for not being Black.

In the end it appears that her sole defence is that she ‘identifies as Black’.  The ‘Identifying oneself as …’ phrase and public declarations are what these days surround people coming out as ‘gay’ or ‘transgender’ or (more so in the scarily deeply religious United States of America) ‘atheist’.

And, we accept – well, those of us without prejudice – that the person plucking up the tremendous courage in a bitter and twisted world to declare that they are an outsider from the ‘norm’, should be allowed without prejudice to be included as a, or a part of the, ‘norm’ (Whatever the heck ‘norm’ is!).

There is no logical reason why anybody who isn’t hurting others can’t self-identify as whatsoever they want. Rachel Dolezal can be Black if that’s what she wants, as long as it’s not hurting anybody.

Ah, yes, now that’s the problem. Was Rachel Dolezal hurting anybody?  Well, her history includes a lot of fake stuff, pretence and lies.  If anything, she needs urgent psychological attention.  She’s either a cruel and manipulating bitch, or she’s sick in the head.

But, on just the one issue of her self-identifying as ‘Black’, so be it.  If she identifies as Black, then she’s Black.  That’s no different to somebody self-identifying as being in the wrong body (transgender), or as heterosexual or as a homosexual, is it?

Am I right?

Yes, I’m right!

So, back to me.  As I said, I have decided to finally ‘come out’.

Let it be known that I am not ashamed, and I am also ready for the rejection and ridicule, but for some time I have not been able to self-identify as a human being.

I’ve already come out to my family and they fully support me.

Deep breath.

I self-identify as a medium sized long white haired Persian cat named Boris.

BorisThere.  I’ve said it.

I feel so much better that it’s finally out there.

Yes, I’m ready for the haters.  I’m strong because my family accept me.  They accept me for what I am.  They don’t judge me.

Already they are happy to put food down for me and to clean my litter tray.  My application for an enhanced sized cat-flap and huge scratching poles is in with the Council.  They’d better not discriminate against me, the speciesists, or like Rachel Dolezal, I’ll sue.

As soon as I can I’ll be changing this website to support my new identity, shunning the old identity of ‘Christopher England’ and being true to myself as Boris the Persian Cat.  However, I need to go and stare out of the window for an hour or so before torturing a mouse to death.

I am what I am.