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So often the ‘left’ and ‘green‘ thinking people, having walked away from the more traditional religions of the previous age that they were indoctrinated with from birth, and desperate to hang their need for ‘faith’ on something, anything, turn to an irrational belief in humankind being to blame for bad things.

In fact, this need to human-hate stems from the human-hating aspects of the original religions they are growing out of. It manifests itself in their minds as an irrational belief that their own species are indeed doing something wrong and messing up the entire planet.

The current very successful blame-game for those hating their own species is ‘Climate Change’.  ‘Climate Change’ is one of the most successful ‘religions’ since Islam was invented.  ‘Climate Change’ generates huge quantities of cash for those who preach it, and a strange kind of happiness for those who unquestioningly believe it.

And, as with all religions that went before it, those who are not ‘believers’ are heretics who must be silenced, beaten, threatened, etc., etc., etc.

Well, one group of scientists has written a book full of all the facts you will ever need about ‘Climate Change’, or as I like to call it, ‘Climate Evolution‘.

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