Kurds fight back against Choudary’s death taunts

One of my old stomping grounds from my yoof is Wood Green in North London.  Unconsciously I watched as it changed and rapidly became an area devoid of English Whites but dominated by, originally Afro-Caribbeans, and then Turkish Cypriots and to a lesser degree Greek Cypriots.  The transition was not without its problems, but there was a lot of common ground.  This ethnic diversity was rapidly supplemented by a huge influx of mainly strictly Islamic and isolationist cultures.

The Islamic isolationist cultures refuse to ‘mix’ with any other cultures.  They live parallel existences, having their own languages, newspapers, TV and radio stations, shops and places of congregation.  They have strict rules prohibiting their women from talking to anybody outside of their particular ethnic group, even when picking up their children from schools.  Large numbers of them are prohibited from learning English.  Indeed, they have no need to as they exist in a cultural bubble away from other ethnic groups, just sharing the geographical area but absolutely nothing else.

These aren’t from any one particular Islamic culture, but a variety.  None of them are allowed to mix with or get to know the indigenous population, or to be a part of the community of the area they have moved in to.  The rules are that they must remain isolationists.

Very often the likes of one time stoner and party animal, Anjem Choudary enjoy the opportunity to radicalise and build a hatred of the very country within which the isolationists are living, whilst also making sure they draw as many of the financial and free housing hand-outs as are available.  They are easy fodder, and from his radicalisation many ‘jihadists’ (experts in cruelty, torture and murder of anybody ‘different’ to themselves) are grown.

Recently, Choudary and his hypnotised group of followers were standing in Wood Green shopping centre barking out their hate speak from his ‘Islamic Information’ stall.  And of course, Islamic extremists hate anybody following any other religion but their own. Which is why they timed their hate speak to interrupt the annual Kurdish Newroz walk to the Kurdish Community Centre as part of the traditional Iranian new year festivities.

Over in Iraq/Syria where ISIS has suddenly decided to create a caliphate, and for which the likes of Choudary are recruiting killers, the Kurds have been subjected to mass murder, with whole villages being mercilessly wiped out by being frog-marched into the hills and cold-bloodedly murdered.

Quite understandably as the Newroz walk in Wood Green passed Choudary and his merchants of death, scuffles broke out following some abusive chants and mocking from the ‘Islamic Information’ stall.  The previous day ISIS had wiped out a Kurdish village, murdering around 50 people, about which Choudary was very proud.

Choudary was set upon and received a few punches.  Apparently this frightened him so much that he ran away, leaving the Kurds, who should have been happily celebrating, angry and driven to smash up his stall.

Reports say that Choudary was panicked and frightened by the response, quite shaken up.  But what the heck does he expect?

Real fear is something he will probably never know. How can any of us understand what it’s like to be dragged out of our home, beaten and tortured and then coldly shot dead?

Despite him acting as an advocate for murder and torture, he elects to remain in a country, our country, that protects and shields him from such barbarism.

Maybe it’s time we didn’t.