Sharia Law for the UK?


I believe this photo (above) was taken toward the end of the 1970s in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is just a typical photo of two local and probably very fashionable Muslim women walking in the street in the sunshine.  Note the bare legs, the bare arms, figure-hugging clothing, the, well, 1970s styles. Actually, almost 1950s styles!

Or how about these three women (above)?  Again, just strolling along the street, but this time aware of the camera, and so striking a pose. Lovely beaming smiles. Bare legs, of course, open necks and trendy 1960s/1970s hair styles. This photo may have been earlier than the first.

Let’s shift forward to today:

Today, no woman dares expose even their face.  All that they wear is identical to each other. They all wear the burka.

In accordance with the extremely strict form of Sharia law that is currently implemented in Afghanistan, all the ‘modern’ or ‘westernised’ fashion of the 1960s and 1970s has gone.

Here’s the thing: It’s taken just 40 years to transform Afghanistan society from one as free and easy for women as the society women enjoy in the UK today, into a society full of oppression, suppression and fear.

It’s that easy to implement. It really is.

In the UK, there are already areas where Sharia law enforcers approach women demanding they cover themselves.  The fear is here. The squeeze is on.

By the year 2055 all the women of the UK could have to dress like this.   It happened in Afghanistan.  It was easy to implement.  It will most likely happen in the UK. It will be easy to implement.