Laughing at the iPhone fashion victims

Any normal person enjoys laughing and pointing at fashion victims.  Fashion victims are those who buy highly overpriced items to wear, that in ten years time and forever afterward, look ridiculous when re-shown on TV.  Fashion victims normally spend a fortune on their items because a) they want to show off that they have money to waste, and b) they are stupid and easily led.

Interestingly, fashion victims rarely care about the sweatshops and exploited child slave labour working to manufacture the goods they cherish.  They will however, camp in quite squalid conditions waiting for a shop to open, when an item they have been told they must have goes on sale.  They feel almost sick to their stomach if they are not the first or one of the very first.

This mental illness causes much mirth for normal people.  It’s wrong really, we shouldn’t laugh at them, but they do set themselves up for it.

Most high fashion clothing fades, rips, runs or falls to pieces after one attempt at washing, such is its inferior design and manufacture, despite its overprice. It is usually not very practical on a daily basis beyond being something to wear as long as the fashion victim doesn’t have to move about much.

And that brings us to the latest iPhones.

Normal people have developed a sport of laughing and pointing at Apple anoraks and those desperate to pay a small fortune in order to walk around with a mobile phone that, well, doesn’t do much more than look good on the outside.  Normal people buy the far more technologically advanced mobile phone products, that also retail at less than half the price of iPhones.

So with the madness surrounding the buggy and virus infected iOS8 that had to be recalled, and then the latest laugh out loud moment when new iPhone owners reported their precious new phones were bending, the real world has gone into overdrive taking the piss.

From ads showing bottle tops bending, through to my favourite (above) of a fashion victim phone bending in order to bow down to a superior Samsung phone, the light-hearted cruelty knows no end.

Sadly, most iPhone owners are completely unaware of how ridiculous they are.