Colour me pigeon

Back we go to an area of South Liverpool, well, kinda South-central Liverpool, known as the Baltic Triangle. It’s also the ‘Creative Quarter‘.  Everything these days is a ‘quarter’.

The Baltic Triangle Creative Quarter is called ‘Baltic‘ because all the warehouses and buildings there were used almost exclusively to store incoming produce from the ‘Baltic States’ when Liverpool was a thriving sea-port.

As Liverpool’s seaport status disappeared, whole areas were left for years of dereliction and decay.

Then, just as with London’s ‘Docklands‘ and later, Liverpool’s ‘Albert Dock‘ area, a new and trendy use for the huge buildings developed.

And so, the ‘Baltic Triangle’ is the home of creative media.  Creative media is in the hands of the young people.  Hundreds of start-ups squeeze into refurbished warehouses and what was just a dimly lit area populated by druggies taking a fix and prostitutes with their tricks, is now by day a thriving new media and technology hub. It’s buzzing and alive with food and trendy tea or coffee. Indeed, it is illegal to sit in a tea of coffee shop here without having some form of laptop (usually an Airbook) open and to be tapping away.

You see funny things in the Baltic triangle. Heck, man, it is a creative area, right?

Liverpool has huge gigantic gulls (aka seagulls) intelligent enough to open bins, and to dig out chips from whatever wrapper they are inside.  They even steal them from your hand as you try to eat them.

Intertwined with the gulls are the pigeons. Pigeons are unintelligent and just shit everywhere. They are annoying.  So annoying.

But, this building inside the creative quarter of the Baltic Triangle has, for reasons unexplained, some pretty coloured pigeons on the roof.


Multi-coloured pigeons.

Erm, why?