Why Christians can’t help but support Israeli murderers

We know that the Christianity virus is something that some parents install into the minds of their babies and children.  It takes until they are much older before they can question and reject the virus.  In some more backward places, like the United States of America, as an example, it is impossible to get exposed to reality, and so the virus remains infecting the human for life. They then infect any offspring they begat.

One of the most interesting facets of the Christianity virus is that it has within it a complete jelly-like reaction verging on fandom and devotion to a much older virus, the Judaism virus.

Unlike the Christianity virus, which can be passed on to anybody regardless of their origin, the Judaism virus is kept within a particular ethnic group and not passed on to outsiders.

The curiosity of the relationship between the two viruses, is that the Christianity virus forces the inflicted to accept and defend any action undertaken by those inflicted with the Judaism virus.

This is why Christians find nothing wrong with the huge numbers of children that have been murdered in Gaza.  To anybody expressing outrage they will quickly and instinctively counter with a, “Yes, it’s terrible, but…” and will then tender various reasons why it’s actually not terrible in their minds.

They just can’t see that the wholesale slaughter of children is wrong, full-stop.

If those inflicted by any other virus, including, strangely, other sects inflicted with Christianity, were committing the mass murder of children, then they would be outraged.  But, because it’s the Judaism virus, that’s all mighty fine.

The mortal enemy of both the Judaism and Christianity viruses is the Islamic virus.

If Judaism is version 1.0, and Christianity is version 1.5, then Islam is a very strong version 5.0.  The Islam virus learnt from the failings of Judaism and Christianity, and is now all debilitating for those inflicted.

The Judaism and Christianity viruses hate the Islamic virus because of its power.  Those inflicted with Judaism or Christianity see those inflicted with Islam as less than human.  They see them as cattle to be herded around, starved, humiliated, maimed and killed as a sport.  They find it incomprehensible that those inflicted by this rival virus just want to be treated as equals.  In their minds they are not and can never be equals.  They are lesser beings. Goyim. Cattle.

This view is shared without question across everybody inflicted by the Judaism virus, regardless of whether or not they live in Israel.  They cannot comprehend that those inflicted with Islam are human beings too.

Likewise, those inflicted with Christianity are so in ore of those inflicted with Judaism that they are blind to the way the children of Gaza are being murdered.

Those that do care and are outraged and horrified are either those inflicted with the same virus as the victims, or those not afflicted with Judaism or Christianity.  Those suffering from only weak versions of the Judaism or Christianity virus also show compassion.  The more infected, the less the person cares, the less infected the more they care. You can measure their affliction by how they don’t care about children being killed.

This explains why there is such support for the genocide outside of Israel and Palestine, in countries such as the United States of America.