Jon Snow puts it into perfect words on Channel 4

This has got to be one of the best pieces I have ever seen on British TV.

Let me set it up for you.

There are tales of puzzlement on the faces of young IDF soldiers.  They don’t understand why the world is recoiling about their constant missile attacks on Gaza.

The reason why they, and those outside of Israel who ‘believe’ the Israeli propaganda machine, don’t understand is because the Israeli propaganda speaks only in terms of everybody the other side of the wall being a Hamas fighter.  Israeli propaganda speaks of how every single home is also storing guns, missiles or other weapons.  A tiny few might, true, but certainly not all.  Israeli propaganda paints a picture of an ‘army’ beyond the wall.

The Israeli propaganda machine pretends that Hamas deliberately sets up ‘human shields’, and that is why Israel has had to kill over a 1,000 in Gaza so far by flattening whole areas with their extreme fire power.

Israeli propaganda forgets that these are people’s homes. Ordinary people. Women trying to look after children. Children.  There are lots of children.

Children living in Gaza are the same as children living anywhere. They are children. Just children.

Israel keeps just bombing and maiming the children.  Israeli propaganda never publishes this fact in the local newspapers or on TV. Israeli people have no idea about the children.

Day after day the IDF are attacking a people who have run out of places to run to, like a herd of frightened cattle (or ‘goyim’ as Israelis call them), they run from bombed home to bombed home trying to find shelter from the relentless and indiscriminate punishment. They are not even safe inside the hospitals and UN refugee camps and schools.  Israel just shrugs its shoulders and says, “Oh well”, as if killing children is perfectly fine and not their fault.

Jon Snow from Channel 4 News sums up the tragedy from the children’s point of view.  From the humanitarian view that Israel’s propaganda machine won’t allow the population of Israel to see or hear.

This has got to be one of the best pieces I have ever seen on British TV: