We want a pod

We want a pod or two to sit in or lie in.

We want to put them in our living room.

These pods can either hang from the ceiling, or can be a somewhat engorged chair.

I think there was one used extensively in the brilliant 1960s series ‘The Prisoner‘.

Our requirement is for a self-contained pods that up to two people can comfortably escape inside with enough room for food and drink and all the stuff one might have access to from a more conventional sofa.

We probably need two.

But where to get them?

What we are looking for is not quite one of the hanging work-spaces in the first picture. Nor is it the sort of bed pod in the second picture. (That’s two girls, right? Are they eating mushy peas or munching on carpet?)

It’s something in-between.

So, we’ve not found the exact style or answer to our quest, let alone where to source it.

We’ll know it when we see it.  But … any suggestions?