Stop encouraging sex offenders to re-offend

We never seem to care about the victims.  We are instead, far too obsessed with the criminals.

I was hearing recently about a 15 year old girl.  On her way home from school one day a man decided to jump out on her, drag her away and rape her.

Now, the man who did this was already on the sex offenders register.  He had, only the previous year, been prosecuted and sentenced to a year in prison for attempting to do exactly the same thing to another schoolgirl.  Six year before that he was sentenced to seven years for actually doing the same thing.  He had grabbed a schoolgirl and raped her.

Previous to this he had exposed his genitals and masturbated in front of two 9 year old girls as they played on swings in a park, for which he had served 10 months.

So, here’s my point.  I’m guessing the two 9 year olds will not have been too traumatised, mainly because they won’t have fully understood what was going on.  At least, I hope that’s the case. But the first rape victim will be pretty screwed up for the rest of her life.

I know the 15 year old girl from his latest attack is extremely screwed up.  She was previously a bright and intelligent girl, but after being brutally raped became frightened to leave her home, and turned into a nervous and scared recluse.  She messed up all her GCSEs, where she’d been expecting to get A grades on nearly all of them.  Her life is ‘over’ and all the hopes and dreams she and her family had for her future have gone forever.

And all because the rapist took all that away from her.  As, I assume, he did with his first victim of his rape.

That’s two girls, two human beings, changed and suffering for life.

So, why was he only given small sentences, and why was he allowed out early?

He appears to be genetically hard-wired to want to rape and sexually abuse young girls.  Our society seems to be hard-wired to just let him.

Locking him away for these very short periods isn’t working as a deterrent.  He’s not even serving his full sentence each time.  Somebody keeps letting him out. Why?

Some people tell me that prison is to rehabilitate not to punish.  I don’t see it like this.

Prison should primarily be there to protect the vulnerable in our society from those who want to hurt them.

If this man had been held in prison for life, there would not have been any more victims.  There might even have been none, had he served the time he was sentenced to, rather than being allowed out early.  Imagine that.  The poor destroyed girls might have had a life.

Every time a criminal is allowed out of prison early, those who have decided that he/she can be free to go after more victims should immediately face charges of conspiracy to assist a criminal act.