Why do Americans think guns are cool?

Hey, people of the United States of America. You love guns because you are an extremely backward, underdeveloped people. We grown-ups know that children and the child-like should not have completely free access to guns.

Who is this American child intending to kill?

You have increasing mental illnesses and instability in your country which gives some sufferers the green light to shoot people.

To shoot children.

Children massacring children.

Indiscriminate murder by gun is out of control in your country.

And yet, some of you feel there is nothing wrong with hoarding enough weaponry and ammunition to exterminate everybody in an average American town.

Why oh why would you think that was ‘normal’ or acceptable behaviour?

It isn’t.

It’s a mental illness.

It is a mental illness wanting to collect an armoury of devices which have no purpose beyond efficiently killing and maiming other human beings. Mentally ill people should not have access to guns. Children should not have access to guns.

Anybody showing an obsessive dedication to hoarding guns, especially the powerful automatics and semi-automatics, is obviously mentally ill and should be removed from their hoard and taken to an institute for the insane in order to be given psychological tests and corrective treatment.

Nobody in their right mind would hand a fully loaded automatic weapon to a four year old. Americans who are retarded to the point that they behave like four year olds should not have access to guns either.