Temperatures falsified to suit the agenda

Why do they keep changing the temperature records?

Well, those sceptical of the whole global warming scam know, of course, that without massaging the readings, there would be no global ‘warming’.

Instead of just working with the actual temperature readings, typical temperature data records before 1970 are rounded down to make them appear colder.

After 1970, temperature data records are rounded up to make them warmer.

Why are they doing that?

How can they seriously justify any of this?

Even after doing this fiddling it’s becoming very hard to show any warming. All datasets agree that there has been no actual warming for about 18 years. Indeed, this can be measured back to being a period of 26 years, if you take account warming of statistical insignificance.

And yet the media still screams about melting ice caps despite the longest periods of extended sea-ice. It bleats about rising sea levels when actually, satellite examination shows that it’s the land subsiding that’s the problem in most places.

So many things have been blamed on ‘Global Warming’ that each time another article is published blaming global warming for an event there is usually also an article blaming it for the opposite event.

Global Warming makes winters warm or it makes winters cold, it wipes out ants, or it increases ant populations, that sort of madness. It’s constantly there in the news media. Doom and gloom and it’s all due to man-made Global Warming.

Over at http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/warmlist.htm a list is maintained of every alarmist outburst blaming global warming.

And of course, it doesn’t help that the, erm, ‘powers that be’ keep revising the temperature records in order to try to create a bias that shows ‘warming’. Heck, what would be so wrong in leaving the temperature records exactly as they were actually recorded in the first place?

Ah, of course, yes. It wouldn’t suit the agenda.