It’s raining sand … again

In recent days a couple of interesting things happened.  Firstly, somebody appeared to be scooping up sand from somewhere (Crosby/Formby beach?) and throwing it onto my glass roof and motor vehicles. Jet washing them clean didn’t help. The next day the evil sand flinger would be back.

Secondly, I noticed an article I wrote in July 2012 started trending as being read after search results had driven people to it.

Thirdly, after many days of sand flinging, the reason for the sand was explained by the weather forecasters.  It was the Sahara desert wot dunnit.

The sand got accompanied by smog and all the bad farts and burps that were normally in the air in Spain and France or Greece or somewhere, and pretty soon we were choking on their airborne excrement.  It got quite serious and people were having breathing issues.

I watched mainstream media news reporting expecting at any moment to be told that it was due to global warming and we were all going to die.  They stopped short of the global-warming-we’re-all-going-to-die outburts, explaining it was just weather.  From time to time sand happens.  And so does foreigner’s bad air.

Looking at my article back in 2012 (here) I wrote:

Weather is an interesting thing.

Well, ok, for most of the world it isn’t, but for those of us who live with a variable jet-stream above us that flaps and faffs about sometimes being north of us, sometimes being south of us, making the weather completely unpredictable, weather becomes a topic of conversation.

Despite the £33Million Pound super computer inside the Met Office telling us that April, May and June would be incredibly dry, it has been incredibly wet. Massive downpours have formed part of the storm systems we’ve had to endure since the lack of activity on the sun hasn’t pushed that damn jet-stream to our north.

Annoyingly, in a number of places, including London and Liverpool, as well as parts in-between, people have noticed the rain comes with a very fine sand. During periods of dryness, cars are covered in this sand as if they’ve just spent some time messing about over sand dunes.

Apparently this is sand sucked up by the weather system over the Sahara, and then carried aloft until it gets here and can then be dumped all over us. It’s nothing new, it happens from time to time. It’s perfectly natural.

So, really my words from 1st July 2012 are relevant in March 2014.  But let’s not let a weather phenomenon get in the way of a bit of anti-humanity self-flagellation and blame.  According to the murmuring of the manmade global warming enthusiasts, it’s never happened before and it’s all our fault. Sigh.