Choosing to be Gay

I don’t have any issues with gay people being gay or straight people being straight. Sadly, the Middle Eastern religions seem to. In many countries being gay means being put to death by the upholders of the religion that controls everybody’s life in that area. Disgusting.

In the UK we are, surely, far more enlightened. Legislation and a greater understanding combine such that only the truly ignorant remain openly homophobic. ‘Truly ignorant’ quite naturally includes the Bronze Age religions born in the Middle East such as Islam and Christianity.

But, I have a question that the LGBT community doesn’t seem to answer.

Why would you want to be part of an organisation that hates you?

See, in life there are many choices. You choose what to eat, what to wear, what music to listen to, which friends to spend time with, where to go on holiday, or even which religion to follow. There are only a few things you don’t choose, they are the things that just are. You don’t choose your height, it just is. And you don’t choose your sexual orientation, it just is.

If for just being gay you weren’t allowed to use the buses or enter a supermarket to buy food, I could understand the issue, the apartheid that stopped you being as free as anybody straight using buses or supermarkets. However, officially, gays can do pretty much exactly what straights can do in this country.

Except of course, you can’t get accepted in certain clubs, the deeply religious clubs. But why would you want to?

If a religion preaches hatred of people of a certain height or a certain sexual orientation, why choose to be part of that religion?

Maybe it’s over simplistic, or I just don’t get it.

Or maybe the problem is that people don’t realise that they can just stop being a member of the club that hates them at any time they like. They can join a different club. They can even start their own.

No bunch of haters and bigots has the exclusive rights to operating an Islamic religion or a Christian religion or any religion. These religions are a club that people choose to belong to. To be more accurate, they are a club that parents choose for you before you are born. Being brought up from birth within the confines of a religious doctrine is such a massive dose of child abuse, abuse of you, that the whole thing just imprints itself upon the young developing brain and doesn’t let you know that it is a choice.

Unlike being gay, or being straight, religion is just a lifestyle choice. If the religion your parents forced you to be part of hates you, fuck that religion right off. You don’t actually need it in your life.

Islam and Christianity have very old rambling books as the basis of their instructions for life. And, whilst the books are constant in what they say, the interpretation is, well, open to interpretation. The meaning of the writing is often as vague as the meaning of a Teletubbies script. Depending on which sect you have been indoctrinated into by your parents, the level of tolerance of you and other gays will differ. Some sects have no issues with sexuality. Some hate everybody. If you must follow a religion, just follow the version of it that accepts you for who you are, rather than trying to change the bigoted religion that hates you. There’s no point.

In the UK, there is this freedom to swap from one religion to another, or indeed, to no religion at all. In fact, those with no religion at all tend to have greater understanding, tolerance and a far more inclusive moral compass than those with a religion.  It’s because they don’t rely on having to interpret intransigent archaic instructions and trying to relate them to the modern world.

My message to Muslim Gays and Christian Gays is, please, just define yourself as gay, an aspect of you that you have no choice in, and drop the ‘Muslim‘ or ‘Christian‘ pre-fix, as that really is something you have choice over.