Stop hyping old shite back into the charts, Three!

Three, please stop it.

Okay, I loved the dancing pony last year. Four year old Socks was lovely as he moon-walked around Shetland.  A real cutey.  An ‘arrrrr’ moment.

But you soundtracked him with a shitty old Fleetwood Mac song from 1987 (27 long years ago). What a horror. You hyped this tedious oldie back into the singles charts up as high as number 15. Luckily it didn’t hang around for too long.

Oi, you’re doing it all over again a year later, Three. Now your hyping that awful Starship song from 1985. Look, We Built This City was boring 29 years ago, and it’s boring today. Yet, the little girl on the bike is cool. Damn it, she’s making the song cool. Noooo!

Look, Three there’s plenty of new music and current stuff around you could use for the next Three cute ad, surely?

Pretty please?

Don’t get me wrong, Three, I’m not dissing you. I had a Three phone before anybody understood the concept of video calling via their modern toys. I use Three for yummy data for my Chromebooks and so on. So, I’m a lover not a fighter.

But, man, stop hyping the old shite back into the charts!

Sigh. Loved the pony. Love the little girl and the kitty, but with the sound off!