Christianity is immoral, save our children

Statistically more Atheist marriages last longer than Christian marriages. God botherers are more likely to cheat on their partners and divorce than couples that are godless, who are happier and are less likely to cheat and divorce.

Atheists form about 16% of the population of the USA, yet disproportionately form only 0.21% of the prison population, proving, I surmise, that Atheists are more moral than Christians and are far less attracted to crime and having to do time.

So, with Christians being obviously far more immoral despite their supposedly moral teaching from birth, something about which they will always boast and hold as their advantage over Atheists, why isn’t something being done to protect normal people from them?

It is of course Christian representatives (priests) that have been guilty of the awful reign of child abuse, not Atheists. Institutionally, the offending Christian officials have been safe with their terrible deeds being covered up on their behalf. Indeed, it took many many decades of teaching by Atheists for the Catholic branch of Christianity to finally acknowledge that child molestation wasn’t a perk but highly wrong. It was not something that should be covered up and hidden with pressure being put on the victims to keep silent. Strangely, the Bible, whilst accepting that people should have slaves and that women are a personal property, gives no ruling on child abuse. Indeed, the Old Testament is full of instruction to commit acts of genital mutilation on male babies, an abuse that continues in the Jewish and Muslim versions of this barbaric religion.

For a very long time scientific approaches to understanding life, the universe and everything carried a heavy penalty if they disagreed with what Christianity taught. Execution was commonplace. Atheists on the other hand did not vent their disapproval of the Christian contrary beliefs by systematically killing them.

It becomes very plain to see that Christianity is evil and extremely dangerous. It is a mind-fuck for those who are conditioned to believe in it. And, let’s face it, nobody in their right mind chooses to follow Christianity. It is forced on them as children, just as unquestioning loyalty to the Leader of North Korea is imposed into the minds of the population there.

In order to protect marriage, to reduce crime and the prison population, as well as bring a halt to child abuse, shouldn’t Christian teaching be outlawed until a child has reached the age of majority (16 in the UK) and can then make up their own mind whether they wish to continue thinking freely or to fill it with the mumbo-jumbo baggage that comes with Christianity. Christianity should NOT be indoctrinated from birth. It is child abuse.