Can we ‘de-program’ the suicide bombers?

It happens all the time ‘over there’ yet recently, thank goodness, not so much ‘over here’.  For now we are not being blown-up by suicide bombers.

A few years ago on Christmas Day yet another poor soul carried out his programming to blow himself up on an airliner and kill all its occupants in the name of a version of Islam. Luckily for the innocents on board he was unsuccessful in his bid to martyr himself, and was overpowered and arrested. Then, a little while later, we had the unconnected episode with the fully loaded car bomb in New York, which again, purely due to incompetence and luck, didn’t go off. In the UK we’ve been lucky with our intelligence so far and have been able to stop the bombers before they get their explosive jackets on.

Yet, I still remain fascinated by the power of the hypnotism process which will convince people so young to want to blow themselves up in such a way.

I have long marvelled at the mind control shown on TV by people like my hero Derren Brown, yet, supreme as his power is, he seems to be completely outshone by the hypnotic and suggestive powers of those who are controlling this dangerous version of Islam. Or maybe he isn’t. Maybe it’s exactly the same technique, but Derren Brown just doesn’t inject a command to kill and die because he’s got a moral code that says it’s wrong (or wouldn’t make for good telly!). But, maybe he could. I’d be interested to know if the whole process is the same or different.

If it’s more or less the same, then surely we need to start teaching people, especially young Muslims, how to resist the powers of auto-suggestion and mind control, or at least how to know when it’s likely to be happening so that they can protect themselves from being turned by others into human bombs.

Nobody in their ‘right mind’ truly wants to hurt and maim, or even kill themselves. Only by being in an ‘altered state’ is the logic defied and the need to commit cold and callous carnage switched on. Our trick must be to teach self-awareness and self-protection, not to mention self-respect and self-determination to somehow switch off the ‘altered state’ that’s been successfully planted and induced by Al-Qaeda or those who trade under similar aliases.

A program in the schools, colleges and universities of awareness and the teaching of the ‘antidote’ could be provided without any disrespect to Islam or its teachings, and could maybe be introduced to mosques and places of Muslim worship. To be able to ‘shield’ the minds of the poor souls from being controlled and used as bombs would be a major step forward in defusing the escalating situation.

We should implement this now in order to save all the innocents – the bombers and their victims.