Stop teaching there’s no hope

Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!” is embedded on my brain. Lyrics indeed from one of the worst songs from the worst album ever by Pink Floyd, made worst by its incessant playing by members of my peer group, forever and ever, day in day out ever since 1979. The whining voice and lyrics of millionaire socialist Roger Waters preaching to the over 30s about schools from the 1960s when an imaginary evil was being taught in schools. Urgh.

However, these many decades later there actually is a problem. Children are being taught to have no hope. They are being taught that there is nothing for them in adulthood. They are being taught that they are already on the scrapheap and there are no jobs for them. They are being taught they will never own their own home. They are being taught that they will never be able to afford most things their heart will desire. They are being taught that the world is about to end and that they are to blame. Humanity has destroyed everything and there is nothing to look forward to apart from hardship and no future.

We systematically teach this to our children, and then we wonder why they are all depressed and turning to drugs and crime or just lethargy once they are squeezed out of the sausage factory of indoctrination.

Yes, recent reports are full of the shock horror about the despondency of the youth.

Hello? Teach them to be despondent and they will be despondent. Only a few exceptions will manage to break-out and be free to be part of what is actually a beautiful world.

These Guardian-indoctrinated teachers, and let’s face it you can’t really get qualified or get on as a teacher if you are not left-leaning, drip feed the children the messages of despair. Then the kids are on their own.

Even memes like man-made global warming are taught and then followed up by examination questions. Should a child be sceptical, then he / she will lose marks. The child has to regurgitate the story correctly or they have failed.

Put on top of the made-up rubbish like man-made global warming, all the guilt and apology they are taught they must feel, and, man, how they have completely depressed the poor child.

Heck, if the child is white and indigenous then how awful he must feel about the sins of his / her ancestors, the horrors of the cruel British Empire are all the child’s fault. That’s what the teachers teach.

And, double heck, if that child is also being indoctrinated by one of the Middle Eastern originating religions, then he / she also has guilt for breathing and only the likelihood of burning in Hell for eternity to look forward to.

We really need to stop this child abuse.

We need to teach hope and optimism, mainly because there is hope and optimism. To teach the opposite is cruel. It is child abuse.

It’s time we were better than that.

To start to fix this we really do now need to say, “Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!