Pananoid druggies and their distorted reality

We all know that extended use of drugs, including cannabis, leaves the user permanently paranoid.

We also know that paranoia is becoming an epidemic and is especially prevalent for the left of thinking.

But does that paranoia extend to wild conspiracy theories about things like the moon landing or what actually happened to make the twin towers of the World Trade Centre collapse at 9/11?

It seems it does. In the UK at least. Ask whether or not the moon landings were real or staged on a film lot, and the heavy users of cannabis will answer ‘Yes, definitely fake’. Those who don’t regularly use recreational drugs will be far more rational and point to all the evidence that many different men stepped onto the moon.

When this evidence is presented to the stoners they will counter with a claim that the first moon landing was a mock up and that subsequent ones were real. The logic, although faulty, for this concept is kinda, well, logical: It was a race between the then super-powers and the USA had to win over the USSR. One way to win would be to mock the whole thing up, leaving less pressure on subsequent actual attempts to get a man on the moon. Yep, that could be acceptable, and it is a scenario that merges conspiracy with reality.

The irrefutable evidence that man has walked on the moon is still able to be jemmied into a conspiracy theory that he hasn’t.

Twisting reality to fit a paranoid disbelief is a ‘norm’ for druggies. The whole purpose of drug taking is to distort reality and to spend as much time as possible in a world that doesn’t quite make sense. Let’s face it, if they wanted reality and the truth they’d not be taking the drugs would they?

That, in a nutshell, is why they want to believe and actually do believe in illogical cracked-up conspiracy theories, ranging from how the Government can’t be trusted and is ‘out to get them’ and Members of Parliament hate them, through to how the Royal Family are actually reptiles.

Their distorted reality, caused by the drugs they take because they can’t cope with actual reality, makes all around them not as it seems, enhances and fuels their paranoia, and makes them extremely hard of thinking.

Their distorted reality is what they then believe whilst mixing with normal people in this actual reality.