The case of the missing leg, part one

Not that I’m paranoid or a trouble-maker or anything, but I do like to watch the Ministry of Defence top secret area not far from where I live.  It’s in a place called Altcar and has a heavy road going into it with signs warning mere mortals not to approach or try to use the road in any way or they will suffer the consequences.

Recently, at night, strange lights and noises have come from the area.  Locals have watched as weird silent yet highly illuminated ‘things‘ have ‘hung’ in the air above the main camp for hours at a time.  Then, strange deep throated vibrations have kept the neighbourhood awake and spooked.  Some people have even reported hearing screaming and activity with dogs barking as if they were chasing somebody.

As a man in search of the truth, I decided to break the law and take photos of the area.  There are usually signs around Ministry of Defence enclosures warning mortals to not use cameras or make any pictorial records of what’s going on.  However, this doesn’t apply to me and my trusty mega-telephoto lens, you’ll be pleased to hear.  As a real rebel I cannot adhere to such rules, man.

A few days ago, I sneaked as close as I could and trained my sight across the sand dunes trying to get a picture of anything that might be going on.  In most cases the sand dunes within the restricted area (I wonder if this was deliberately designed to be so) seem to be higher than the main area I am trying to get a visual on. I took a few random shots, including the one above.  It was only when I was going through them later that I noticed … the leg.

A single human leg seemed to be motionless and sticking-out from within the grasses in this particular picture.

Going by the meta-data on my photo, the leg was there at 7:43 in the morning.  By the time I’d realised there was a leg in my picture and was able to hurry back to my vantage point in order to squint through my lens again it was about 3 in the afternoon.  Sure enough the leg was still there.

I made a call to a friend in order to get them to drive down to meet me and for them to take a look through my camera and see the leg.  They got there about 4pm.  The leg, which hitherto had remained in exactly the same position as in the original photo, had completely vanished.  I wasn’t looking through my lens all the time, but when I had looked I saw no activity nearby.  Just, suddenly, the leg was gone.

It was as if somebody had heard my excited call to my friend, and had gone and removed all trace of any evidence.

What a mystery.  I’m not sure what to do next.  I mean, if I go to the authorities and show them what I saw, will I get one of those ‘visits’ and get hauled away for questioning?  Maybe I’ll get prosecuted for taking the photos when it’s against the rules.

I obviously have to make a decision about how to proceed.  Any advice?