The starving boy and the missionary

In 1980 Mike Wells took this powerful photograph of a missionary holding the hand of a starving Ugandan boy.

In so many ways it almost looks like the hand is not human.  It’s almost the hand of a space alien, a different species, a doll, a oh please be anything but the hand of a human being.

Unfortunately it can’t be ‘willed’ into being something else, it is the hand of a human being.  A starving human being.

There are times when we in the ‘civilised’ world, obese from fast food and opulence, forget how lucky we are. We forget how unlucky others are. We become consumed with self-pity over trivia whilst others have nothing to consume.

If these two hands are making a connection between the world of the haves and the world of the have-nots, then we need to learn from that connection.  We need to learn to reach out from our fortune into their misfortune and to fix it. Or try just try to make it better.

We cannot allow this to just keep on and on being the way it is. Forever.