Who are ‘The Borg’?

The Borg’ is a name given to the large corporate groups who operate a ‘portfolio‘ of networked non-adventurous commercial radio services or ‘brands‘.

But, why are they called ‘The Borg’?

Well, ‘The Borg’ are a species from the Star Trek universe. They travel around the universe finding worlds, such as Earth, and then attacking and ‘assimilating’ the species inhabiting the worlds, such as ‘humans’.

The Borg‘ take with them some of the technology or resources, and disregard the rest. Each of the species allowed to live (so many just get killed or discarded because they are of no use) becomes absorbed into the ‘collective’, and those who were once enthusiastic individuals are plugged into a ‘commonality’ that forces them to become a worker ‘drone’ with no personality, no character, just carrying out the bidding of the ‘common good’.

There is no room for individuality or personality.

Resistance is futile” when The Borg have decided to ‘assimilate’ a species, and they become even stronger once they have ‘assimilated’ them and any new technology or resources they didn’t already have.

With The Borg there is no ‘creativity’, and no room for experimentation or free thinking.

I hope this adequately explains why the ‘radio groups’ that come along vacuuming-up small individual radio stations, stripping them of any individuality, taking away any technology that may prove useful and ‘plugging them in’ to a common networked format, are referred to as ‘The Borg’.

The parallels are frightening, very very sad, and resistance truly is futile.

Goodbye local radio.  Goodbye exciting radio.  Goodbye different radio.  Goodbye individuality radio.  It’s all been assimilated and replaced by the single drone.  And, boy, is it a drone.

PS. Self promotion time! History will show (via any web archive facility) that the first and regular use of the phrase ‘The Borg’ to describe large radio groups was by … ME! These days everybody calls them ‘The Borg’, but it all started back in those days when Christopher England just said that!


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