We pump even more CO2 into the air but Global Warming stops!

Mercury, Venus & Earth all in front of the Sun, ok?

Imagine that you are a microbe living on a chicken.

Imagine that chicken is on a rotisserie in front of a huge massive wall of flames happily cooking away.

Now consider:

Man assuming that his issuing of the colourless, odourless, plant-life essential carbon dioxide, is changing our planet Earth’s climate is as ridiculous as a chicken-living microbe thinking that it is in some way altering the climate on the chicken by whatever waste it emits.

Meanwhile, the overwhelming heat from the wall of flames helps the juices of the chicken bubble away under the crispy skin encasing it.  A tiny ‘climate system’ develops as a result of the heat, the air and the other reactions to the ‘cooking’ process.

Strangely, the relationship between Sol 3 and Sol, or, as we commoners would say, the Earth and the Sun, is similar.

Obviously it’s far more complex and the Sun isn’t a source of ‘heat’ as such, more a source of changing and complex magnetic influences, but as a concept it’s easier to understand if we think of the Sun as a ball of fire.

Just as anybody who plays around with cooking will know, the heat you apply to food isn’t going to give an instant response from the food.  Sometimes you need to anticipate the ‘lag’ between applying a burst of heat and the resultant ‘cooking’ reaction.  High heat will result in the food cooking differently to how it would cook under medium or low heat.  As I say, in certain respects, there is a slight lag between the application of the heat and the cooking process.  Yet, obviously, excessive heat can almost instantly cremate the food. Lower just keeps it simmering, and even lower makes it tepid.  There are also times when you need to remove the heat to allow the food to carry on cooking.  And of course, there’s also different ways of cooking if you consider how microwaves work compared to conventional ovens.

So, considering this relationship, but instead of food cooking, think of our lovely planet basking at the whim of the Sun.  The Sun coughs and splutters and gets ‘hotter’ or ‘cooler’ or spits flumes towards us, keeping our insides bubbling away, and maintaining the crust with an environment that supports the growth of our type of life.  Ok, it’s not that simple, because you have to consider the ‘feedback’ from the heat ‘stored’ by the oceans, as well as all that bubbling away beneath our feet, but as a very simple illustration that’s how things kinda work.

Keeping the metaphor going, it seems that indications are that the Sun is temporarily turning its ‘heat’ down.  The Sun appears to those who study it to have 11 year sunspot cycles.  Generally speaking, the more sunspot activity, the more ‘heat’ is sent our way, eventually directly influencing our climate, and generally speaking, making it warmer.

The Sun caught on camera having an embarrassing liquid fart

It seems that the current Cycle 24 has been extremely quiet compared to previous cycles. “Quiet” is a relative term of course, and not quite the same as ‘extinguishing’, ‘going out’ or any of the words that Armageddon-anoraks will tell scary tales of.  The Sun’s not going out.  Well, at least not for a good few Million years or more.

The net effect of the lack of sunspots will of course be a cooling across our planet.  Sadly, this will not be an Armageddon style cooling to play to the fears of those End-Is-Nighers who currently believe in the Global Warming religion. But, it will be considerably cooler in places where it is normally warm, such as the Northern Hemisphere where the UK is. Not quite an ice-age, but, as they already have in recent years as a reaction to this weak Cycle 24, temperatures will plummet in winter, and we will see more lakes and rivers icing over.  Because of how it works, other parts of the planet will become dryer than expected.  Strangely, like when a rotisserie accidentally stops turning, there will be hotspots on other parts of the planet to complement our very cold experiences on this part of the planet.

Yes, yes, yes, it is far more complex than that, but I’m trying to translate our immediate future into words we can all understand.

The bottom line is that we have already entered a period of cooling.  Temperature variations have already flat-lined, yet for some reason the ‘warmists’ keep pushing out their propaganda to say we are experiencing the hottest this or the hottest that.  Well, of course, the reason is money.  They get paid a fortune for singing from their odd hymn-sheet, and they want to tax us for even more!

Meanwhile, the Sun has decided that the Earth will cool for now.  What will the warmists do to spin this in order to make money out of us all?  Will they work out a new way to blame mankind? Watch this space!