A Muslim man must hate his non-Muslim wife

A growing number of non-Muslim women in the UK are entering into relationships with Muslim men. Do they understand that their husbands hate them?

Probably not.

Now, as you probably know a Muslim woman is the property of first her Muslim father, Muslim uncles and Muslim brothers, and then her Muslim husband, once she’s been allocated to one.

A Muslim woman is not allowed to ‘marry’ a non-Muslim man.

Firstly, she cannot marry without the permission of her father and family, and, secondly, if she somehow was to disobey this rule, and somehow meet and marry a non-Muslim, she would bring dishonour on her family and her village. She would probably have to be killed in order to restore harmony.

Yet, a Muslim man can, should he wish, take a non-Muslim ‘wife’.

An important note here is that in order to legitimise the sex act, a Muslim man should ideally be married to the woman he is having sex with. Conveniently he can be married to many women at the same time in order to legitimise one-night stands, flings, and casual relationships as being acts with one of his ‘wives’.

Divorce is extremely easy for a Muslim man, and can be given just like that at his whim, regardless of the desires of his ‘wife’. A Muslim woman cannot divorce without her husband’s permission and agreement. Should it be allowed, subsequently, a divorced Muslim woman’s life is probably not worth living. Many end up killing themselves.

(A man can beat his wife, but should avoid the face)

According to the teachings of Islam, should a Muslim man desire it, he can court and marry a non-Muslim (female) member of the “People of the Book” (Christian or Jew), but not religions from other parts of the world that don’t share the common Middle Eastern dessert tribe heritage. However, she is an infidel and is to be hated. She cannot be respected or liked in any way, even if she bears his children.

Since it is inbred into the Muslim male that non-Muslim women are infidels requiring complete disrespect, he can suitable use and abuse them at his whim. It is his choice. It is his duty.

During marriage to a non-Muslim, it is a Muslim male’s duty to constantly attempt to convert her to Islam. He must denigrate her and tell her that he hates her for her lack of religion (bearing in mind only Islam is considered a religion). He has a duty to make her realise she is worthless as an infidel and her only escape is to listen to his ‘call to Islam‘.

Until a non-Muslim ‘wife’ starts the process of conversion to Islam, her husband can not have any actual ‘love‘ for her. He will love his children, and must protect them from the infidel. This is often the reason why a Muslim man will flee from the UK with his children when the infidel ‘wife’ has served her purpose.

When a Muslim man lives with his non-Muslim wife, he must never greet her when he gets home. He will greet his children and other visitors or members of the Muslim community that may be at his house. When all this greeting has finished (it can take some hours), the non-Muslim wife is allowed to offer a greeting to her husband. He may then respond to her.  He must never instigate the greeting.

This also translates into most Muslim men’s minds into a near complete disrespect for non-Muslim women generally. Hence why for many it is acceptable to dispense with the marriage sham and just rape infidel women in order to satisfy their lust.

Non-Muslim wives are subject to the same rules about how they can be beaten by their husbands. There are set procedures that should be adhered to when a wife needs corrective treatment, nicely explained in the Quran. The various degrees of chastisement can be invoked until the woman learns to capitulate and obey. The ultimate being a beating that must leave no permanent damage, and certainly can’t be in the face just in case it makes her ugly.

Which is good, I guess.

All of this is a long way from the atheistic and normal people’s view of equality of the sexes, and tolerance of all beliefs.

For some reason, marriage / sexual relationships with a Muslim man are attracting more and more non-Muslim women every year.