Labour wants scroungers to have loads of spare rooms

The Labour Party’s millionaire socialist leader (wouldn’t it be nice if the leader of a party wasn’t from a privileged background!) Red Ed has rallied the lazy troops (the ones who expect something for nothing) with a promise to repeal what the left have called ‘The Bedroom Tax’, should Labour win the next election. This is the same chap who when last in control started the hikes on our energy bills by inventing a stealth ‘green’ fuel tax to add to the bills in order that ordinary poor people pay for the pointless wind farms.

(A typical spare bedroom in a scrounger’s free house)

But apparently his intention is to encourage and allow people who chose not to work and to live in a free house far bigger than their needs, to sit in their oversized houses and everything be paid for by those who do work.

How can this be a good thing? Well, unless you are a privileged scrounger, of course.

How can it be fair on those who work hard, who just about make ends meet, and pay their own rent or mortgage? Is it really fair to expect them to also have to pay for those who opt to live in houses that are far too big for them, and do nothing all day but lounge around watching Sky TV?

No it isn’t fair.

The Labour party was once the party of the ‘working class’, but unfortunately has nothing to give to help those who actually work in this century, instead giving it all to those who chose not to work. Yet, still they belly-on about how they are helping the ‘working class’. They clearly have no intention of helping those who are working yet struggling, the actual ‘working class’.

If Labour get back into power, then the big businesses they helped during the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown years will once again be their favourites. They’ll continue to get away with paying virtually nothing from their massive profits. Instead, as usual, under Labour the ‘working classes’ will end up paying for everything.

Surely it’s time for a political party to emerge that truly represents the ‘working classes’ and fights for the future of the low paid.  Labour certainly isn’t it.