The climate evolution to cooler times

For reasons that are all too clear, the specialist work of correlating the Sun’s activity (or lack of it) to climate evolution on this planet is mainly ignored despite it being the obvious driver of the trends in our planet’s climate.

The work of the highly financed advocacy industry, born of the man-made climate change / global warming religion, is far too busy watching the levels of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, especially the amount released by humans.

The Ice Age is coming!Meanwhile, we are entering yet another ‘Little Ice Age‘. There’s global cooling going on!

What is a little worrying about this is that we have been geared up to respond to an imaginary man-made global warming, so are not only not preparing ourselves to deal with the reality of global cooling, but are far too distracted by the vociferous religion saying it isn’t cooling.

As the cooling kicks in, the need in the Northern hemisphere will be to look to further south in order to grow our crops and raise the animals we need to sustain us.

This, however, is something we continue to neglect to do.

Economically, we are already facing crippling cross-subsidy payments in order to fund those advocacy organisations and renewable energy companies who are spending our money in order to try to make relatively pointless energy production systems that cost a fortune to establish and run.

Yet we don’t seem to be doing anything to prepare our land for the sub-zero temperatures and extended periods of killer ground-ice and snow.  Even the wind farms have to shut down during the long winter months because they ice up so easily and just can’t function in the snow, a little like solar panels.

As the ability to produce food in the quantities we are used to will be left to countries considerably south of ours, we will also have to spend a small fortune importing power and food to help us during our crippled state.

Had the global warming religion not taken control and replaced empirical evidence based science with mumbo jumbo, the extremely bleak medium term future for Britain might have been more survivable.

What’s also fascinating about all this is how, since a measurable global cooling became part of our climate evolution cycle, the advocacy organisations have not only been in denial, but have started campaigns of abuse and denigration against anybody who dares publish any scientific evidence that their screams about an Armageddon made by mankind breathing out, are nothing but false.

Thankfully, the new Prime Minister of Australia is freeing his country from the stupid and pointless carbon dioxide tax, and moving away from the global warming religion.

Hopefully soon the United Kingdom will also be as free. Free from the baseless global warming dogma. And free to prepare itself for colder times.