American Ignorance as standard

I think it’s only when you take a step back and really take a look at Americans, well, the ones in the United States, not necessarily the more mature and sensible ones inhabiting the other Americas, that you realise they are so ignorant, so backward, so primeval.

Teenagers are brought up in this bizarre bubble of ignorance.  They leave school believing in the god and religion they were forced into by their parents and community.  They usually have little grounding in science or the scientific approach to logical deductions and reasoning.  Instead, they have an almost child-like simplistic understanding of the isolated world around them.

I say ‘the world around them’, but of course they are usually exceptionally unaware of the world outside of the United States of America.  The USA is big, it covers a huge land mass across three time zones, but the average inhabitant is completely ignorant of the rest of the world.  They think they are the world, with sporting events carrying the title ‘World’, but having no contribution or input from anywhere outside of the USA.

This is what leads the whole United States to be racist and arrogant. Large numbers of them even hate their own president purely based on his skin colour and heritage, despite also declaring themselves ‘patriots’.  This is what leads them to believe the solution to everything is to bomb, shoot or invade it.

Most North Americans, brought up in their educated ignorance, think that guns are an essential part of the act of being patriotic.  They use guns to massacre and kill children, or in order to rob or rape. The freedom to use a gun as a weapon of terror they believe is their right. Then they act all surprised when the gun is used in this way.  Such confusion.

The United States of America are slowly slipping from the era of being a superpower, and as with the ebb and flow of all empires, they are slowly disappearing from the world stage in favour of India and China (two places they’ve never heard of).

It took the United Kingdom until very recently to start to realise it was no longer the ‘empire‘ it once was, and that it was now just a small island next to Europe.  Older generations still won’t accept this demotion, and still speak of world events as if the sun never sets on the British empire.  However, mentally the USA is not ready to accept this demotion.  Its psyche just isn’t ready.

Schools in the USA not only churn out generally ignorant citizens, but they are pre-programmed drones ready to fight “Hell yeah!” for their country, similar to the drones that form part of an ant colony, trampling over whoever is the latest declared enemy in order to steal or take control of their resources. They’ll do this as good ‘patriots’.

The citizens of the USA are not alone in their warmongering and blissful ignorance.  Other highly religious places like Iran and Israel love to be ‘patriotic’ to the detriment of countries that disagree with the way of life they wish to impose.  Countries such as the USA for example.

When arrogant and ignorant countries meet, fighting is the only option.  In the case of those that have superior bullying power such as the USA and Israel, a ‘fight’ is usually replaced by a massacre on the innocents in a country they don’t like.

The USA has the opportunity to move away from all this arrogant violence, through more realistic secular teaching and attitudes.  Let’s hope this starts to happen sooner rather than later so we start to reduce the death toll, and spread knowledge throughout the USA rather than ignorance.