Is it refreshing when a community makes a stand?

I recently penned a brilliant piece (here) about how a caller to the Pete Price radio phone-in had been incandescent with rage because Jamie Oliver has/had a promotional tie-in with The Sun. The Sun newspaper is hatred by all true Scousers, and the call was being made for everybody to boycott Jamie Oliver‘s Liverpool restaurant to punish him for doing such a terrible thing.

My article was me exposing the hypocrisy and bullying that prevents The Sun being sold in Liverpool, and it highlighted the mentality of the older Liverpudlian. I ended by saying it was embarrassing.

I then got a tweet from a respected god amongst talking radio hosts (no, not Pete Price, but a proper talking radio host) saying, “Not sure it is embarrassing. Scars run deep re The Sun/Hillsborough. I find it refreshing a community still makes a stand..

Because of my adoration of the man who’d graced me with his words, I spent some moments of reflection.

Is it refreshing when a community makes a stand?  Was I, perhaps, being unfair and unkind about those who inhabited the same geographical area as me?

When you get a tweet from such a high office, it is essential to respond by pausing for a re-evaluation of one’s position.  And, yes, it is good when a community speaks as if with one voice. What if my own stance was wrong?

Well, I’ve thought long and hard about this, and have come to the only sensible conclusion: I was right in what I said.  Not just because I’m always right, but because my position makes logical sense.

In the first case, were there something current for Scousers to all pull together about (other than their fear of Polish people and the Muslim community), then, yes, certainly, it would be a brilliant situation.  An almost old fashioned and long lost cohesion that is certainly missing from most traditional areas in Britain.

However, this hatred of Jamie Oliver is really about keeping old wounds open and chewing over of the same old stuff.  It’s about holding a grudge forever.  And we all know that in order to move forward, healing has to take place.  These Scousers refuse to allow healing.

Yet, even the division between the IRA and Britain needed pow-wow and jaw-jaw, and the sabre rattling to stop before things could move forward.  These Scousers have to stop the hating and learn to move forward.  They can’t keep wanting to fight all the time.