Radio Caroline Extra Extra, read all about it

It is compulsory for me to mention Radio Caroline at least once every few months, so as I listen to Carmen Allgood‘s excellent Indie Music Wave programme, I thought I’d pen a few words.

(Can you spot Christopher England?)

Sorry?  What’s that you say? Carmen‘s show isn’t broadcast by Radio Caroline?  Well, no, of course it isn’t. Silly me.  Radio Caroline only does oldies. Carmen‘s show is wholly new, unsigned and unheard rock-oriented music.  It’s broadcast by Radio Seagull, probably because there’s more to music than hits alone (Radio Seagull are here).

Now then.  Excitedly, I started to read that Radio Caroline is set to launch a second Radio Caroline.


Maybe the new Radio Caroline would be the place to hear new music, much like the original Radio Caroline was, in its day.  Ok, I mused, it probably wouldn’t try new music strands like the BBC does, instead limiting itself to rock-oriented new music, but at least that would be something beyond all the damn oldies.

I read on.

The second Radio Caroline wasn’t to be called Radio Caroline North or Radio Caroline South, but ‘Caroline Extra‘.  The BBC’s Radio 1 has a sister station playing more specialist dance oriented new music, called ‘1 Xtra‘, so with Caroline copying this word ‘extra‘ from the BBC, I got very excited.  Yep, Caroline Extra would be leading the way with innovative new music programming, shifting away from the oldies that dominate the single Radio Caroline.

But wait.  I read on.  Crestfallen, I learned that Caroline Extra was to be an all oldies radio station, playing even older music that the usual old music played on today’s Radio Caroline.


An opportunity to connect with the modern generation (like me) had once again been thrown to the ground.  The Radio Caroline of the 1960s and 1970s that introduced so many listeners to so much new music they would not have otherwise heard was not to return.  Instead it was to be Radio Caroline oldies or Radio Caroline older oldies.

Still, if you listen it sounds like Caroline.

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