God and Satan are no longer on my newsfeed

I have a fairly relaxed attitude to social media.  Over the years in public fora many bullies have tried to attack me, always from their cowardly positions of anonymity of course, and have threatened me with many things.  And all because they disagree with me on a point, usually to do with clandestine radio that I was involved in that they weren’t.

In these more enlightened times, however, the number of those making attacks has declined owing to their death or senility, and I can live a fair attack free life putting onto this wonderful ChristopherEngland.com my take on this or that.

Likewise, on social media, I’m happy to ‘Friend, Follow, Circle‘ anybody who has decided to ‘Friend, Follow, Circle‘ me.  The more the merrier.  Even if I engage with that person in disagreement, I never unfriend, unfollow, uncircle or do any of the silly huffing and puffing stuff that so many others do.

This week, however, for the very first time, ever, I was forced to unfriend somebody on Facebork.

You see, more and more mental nonsense was in my newsfeed from this god botherer.  She was a ‘Friend‘ because she produced and presented a show on a pirate radio station in Merseyside.  However, little by little, day by day, she was more and more furiously copying and pasting those long pieces of religious prose that sound like they mean something, but actually mean nothing.  She had godified her personal profile picture and then her cover picture.  A glowing Jesus sat there arm wrestling with ‘the Devil‘.  No mention was made of the fact that, according to the Bible, Satan has only ever killed between 10 and 60 people, whilst God/Jesus deliberately and horribly killed between 2,476,633 and 25 million.  (The former figures are actually given in the Bible, the latter from estimations of the numbers killed but not given a number in the Bible).

But, heck, why would I want to see two murderers arm wrestling?

Actually, it’s not the cover picture that annoys, more the screeds of words that don’t make any sense.  They’re everywhere.  The poor girl posting them needs urgent psychiatric help, as she appears to be going through a breakdown.  However, instead of the medical assistance she needs, she is surrounded by church buddies who are humouring her rather than helping her deal with her slow mental collapse.

It’s very sad to watch the deterioration, but, selfishly, I don’t want to watch it any more.  Hence my decision to unfriend her and no longer have God on my newsfeed!