Whatever happened to the ozone layer?

Whatever happened to the fear and wailing about the ‘Ozone Layer‘?  In the 1970s and 1980s the ozone layer was being depleted and we, yes we, were to blame.  We, yes all of us, were the sole cause of a hole in it.  The more we were bad the larger the hole became.  The larger the hole the more we were all going to die and it was all our fault.

There was a time when the hole in the ozone layer was the hot topic of conversation.  It was the bogeyman, the elephant in the room, and we were guilty. Children were taught in school about how bad their parents had been in deliberately causing the hole in the ozone layer. Disaster movies and TV shows were made about the end of the world because of what we, yes it must have been us, had gone and done to the ozone layer.

But only after a few short decades we stopped talking up how bad humans were and how we’d destroyed the world via the holes in the ozone layer.

Why did we stop muttering and chattering about the ozone layer?  Ah, it was because they invented the phrase ‘Global Warming‘ and decided that ‘Global Warming‘, or should that be ‘MAN-MADE Global Warming‘ was a bigger bogeyman that we were all to blame for.

So, they changed the indoctrination in schools designed to ensure children are given a sense of no hope and bewilderment from the scare stories about humanity being to blame for the destruction of the ozone layer to humanity being to blame for global warming.  It is important that children are raised believing that the species they belong to is bad.

Years ago it was just the religions, especially those originating in the tribal deserts of the Middle East, that taught children that the species they belong to is bad and is completely unable to do anything but ‘sin’, and so was going to be punished.

As the old religions died away releasing their grip on the minds of those who did as they were told and ‘believed’ the irrationality, it had to be replaced with something, anything, a new religion for a new age, a new age religion, and so an unnatural obsession with the ‘environment’ and how bad the human species is with respect to the ‘environment’ was born.  Eventually, from this came the fear of mass extinction from the holes in the ozone layer, which of course, were all man’s fault.

Global Warming made an excellent replacement bogeyman and until very recently was being used to scare the children.

Recently, when they noticed that warming had paused, and that a period of cooling had possibly started, they quickly changed this to ‘Climate Change‘.  Or, of course, ‘MAN-MADE Climate Change‘.

The beauty of using ‘MAN-MADE Climate Change‘ as the bogeyman is that they can now cite any climate or weather event as evidence of humans being bad and to blame.  It doesn’t have to be getting warmer in the slightest.  Absolutely any weather event is blamed on ‘MAN-MADE Climate Change‘, especially the big ones that happen every x centuries or y decades.  They just ‘prove’ humans are bad.

Just as the Islamic religion learned from the mistakes and design faults of Christianity, which in turn learned from the mistakes and design faults of Judaism, making Islam the one that so controls the minds of its followers that they will happily die on command, so too has ‘MAN-MADE Climate Change‘ learned from the mistakes of the previous bogeymen and become the strongest and scariest bogeyman yet.

Almost anything and everything can be attributed to it, without the need for scientific studies to prove anything. It has the same power of defying rationality as any other religion, with followers all but wanting to kill the sceptical, the unbelievers, just as they did during the crusades and inquisitions.

Yep, ‘MAN-MADE Climate Change‘ killed off the ozone layer bogeyman by being the best ever bogeyman yet!

Despite the ozone layer being at one its weakest densities ever, it is off the radar of those who design the bogeymen in order to scare the children.  That’s what happened to it.