Why does the Met Office always get the weather so wrong?

This week the Meteorological Office in the UK is having a meeting.  The meeting is because the weather keeps refusing to behave as it is told! Naughty weather.

Yep, over the last 13 years, the Met Office weather forecasts have all been wrong, except on one occasion.  The overall bias, of course, has been to make predictions that adhere to the false belief in global warming. Promising dry barbecue friendly summers and mild winters proved so embarrassing to the Met Office and its highly expensive ‘super-computer’ (how much did that cost us?) that at one point they threw a moody and stopped publishing long range forecasts in public.

Today’s Met Office is led by a man who came to the Met Office after years as a lobbyist with the non-scientific WWF, who, using limited checks with reality, are dedicated to the religion that says we are suffering from global warming and that man is to blame.  With this type of leadership and underlying trend, which has historically been full of narrative about how children would never know what snow is, the whole perspective is skewed.  The Met Office has no alternative but to give out completely wrong forecasts.  Any forecaster daring to attempt to compile a real one that actually came true, would probably be marched off the premises for being a potential Tory rather than a Guardian loving tree-hugger.

Whilst man-made climate change sceptics are laughing at the man-made climate change alarmists because we’ve had no global warming for over 16 years, the alarmists are still laughing all the way to the bank.  There remains a huge amount of cash to be made feeding the man-made climate change meme, and that meme is lodged firmly within the Met Office thinking.  Some argue that politics colour whatever they decide to tell us, and climate and weather are actually playing second fiddle.

So, the meeting this week will find a whole host of external factors to blame, including the weather.  The last thing the Met Office will admit is that they are doing anything wrong.  It’ll be ‘worse than we thought‘ of course, as is their usual fear-mongering cry, and no doubt they’ll need far much more money to investigate further.

Meanwhile, the cold era we have entered because of the sun’s relative inactivity will be the inconvenient truth they will continue to try to hide.

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