Just what is terrorism?

(A guest article by Bemused from Bermondsey) 

Perhaps you can help me, you see I observe things and, sometimes, I want to ask questions when things don’t make sense.

Let me explain; I watched the news on the 5th June and the big story on all news channels was an Islamic cultural centre had been burned down, fortunately nobody was hurt.

And the story carried on…

There was talk of it being a terrorist attack so it would/could/should be investigated by anti-terrorist officers – cue pictures of officers carrying out fingertip, forensic searches of the surrounding and right on cue came ‘community leaders’ (what is a ‘community leader’ and have you ever voted for one?) and a low level politician or two, each attempting to outdo the last with how disgraceful the whole event was and the ensuing indignation was almost palpable.

…and on it went…

After a while, I wondered how many youth clubs or other buildings belonging to clubs or organisations had been destroyed or vandalised and how much attention they received from the television, radio and press or is this extended coverage trying to tell me that something else is afoot here? Was there such nervous handwringing when the local cricket pavilion was razed to the ground?

Eventually, the news moved on to something else.

Now as somebody that lived through the IRA attacks on the mainland, I’m a little bemused.

You see, bombs would go off, sometimes with a vague warning and sometimes no warning at all, people would receive life changing injuries and death was a constant.

Warnings for the public to be wary and observant were everywhere and the threat was very real.

Most noticeable to me at the time was that school trips were often cancelled, school was evacuated a couple of times after false alarms and the death toll of British Soldiers being almost a nightly feature on the news.

It was a vile, sickening and frightening time.

Are we really saying that there is any comparison here, honestly?

The news rolled on until the 30 second ‘and finally’ moment came: The Bomber Command monument to 70,000 airmen that gave their lives for our freedom during World War 2 had been defaced for the second time.

And that was it.

There is more than one question here, but I’ll be buggered if I know what they are.

Bemused from Bermondsey.
(Guest Author)