The Liverpool yobs dancing on graves

A frail 87 year old grandmother and widow, suffering very bad health problems following creeping dementia, finally suffered a stroke and died.

Her death triggered a small minority of very scummy people to go out and celebrate.  Not celebrate her life, but celebrate her death.  Drunkenly roaming the streets of Liverpool, letting off fireworks, kicking over bins, banging intimidatingly on passing cars, shouting “The witch is dead”.

How embarrassing.

This is not the way to behave when somebody dies, surely?

Apparently it’s ok to behave like that in Liverpool, where a few hundred or so young scummy yobs took over the streets the night that Margaret Thatcher died.

The bizarre thing about this drunken mob was that most of them were children or not even born during the 11 years that Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, being voted back in 3 times.  However, as I have reported before, most Liverpudlians are stuck in the past and blame Margaret Thatcher for everything and anything.

Margaret Thatcher stopped being Prime Minister 23 years ago.  During that 23 years we had 13 years of Labour government.  Strangely, the early years of rule by Tony Blair were far more ‘Thatcherite’ than the Thatcher years.  Yet, the focus is never on why the 13 years of Labour, which are supposedly the only party that Liverpudlians are allowed to support, never spent any of that time trying to undo any of the bits of the Thatcher years that all the yobs scream and shout about.

And the people of Liverpool wonder why the rest of the world looks at them with disgust!


  1. And where did you grow up during the thatcher years? The woman systematically destroyed the working class communities of the north west, ordered savage beatings, unjust prison sentences and the terrorising of miners, unions, black people. She supported the lies about hillsborough and the police cover up. What did you expect? A little naive to expect liverpool and the many other places to go into mourning? You and your ilk are rewriting history from a mddle class tory perspective!


  2. Totally agree Mr England. There are some very sick people out there. To Anon there are plenty of people in the NW who do have their own mind so can think for themselves, don't follow the uneducated mob who have no idea who she was and don't share your mostly inaccurate views.


  3. I love your ill informed class war and no mention of what Derek Hatton did to destroy Liverpool. You blame Thatcher instead. Ha ha ha. Open your mind, release yourself from your indoctrination.


  4. IMO she wasn't the saviour her supporters claimed her to be, nor the devil her detractors make her out to be.

    She did support pinochet and apartheid, and I find those positions reprehensible. But that makes her incorrect in her support, and not some mustache twirling villian.


  5. These celebrations are reminiscent of the celebrations in Turin when they found out about the Hillsborough Disaster. Not saying it's right, just ironic don't you think?


  6. Jee whizz, I think you're the one with the chip on your shoulder – whoever you are.


  7. who says your right? seems like you have gulped down the bullshit that was fed out, when you didn't experience what went on. you probably grew up in the areas that weren't affected. she almost let liverpool slide into oblivion and wouldn't have cared if it did. you say people who weren't born at the time are celebrating her death, o.k they may not have been alive at the time, but they will have family who had to endure all the shit that was thrown our way. the difference with liverpool is we don't lie down and take it, someone attacks and we fight back. thatcher didn't like this and tried to make an example. i think the fact that someone tried to blow her up at the hotel she was staying at shows how much damage she's caused. this feels like a targeted attack, theres other cities up north who have done the same and probably celebrated more so. how about about you get off your high horse, and stop trying to defend a prime minister who didn't give a shit about the north.


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