Victims of crime don’t get their feet kissed by the Pope

Last week in the pre-Easter publicity campaign managed by the men who wear dresses that run the Catholic religion, they sent their figurehead Pope Francis out to wash feet and kiss them.

There appears to be some religious significance to feet washing and kissing, and it can form part of a sub-dom relationship in a dominatrix’s life. (Apparently.)

But, from a religious point of view it was an act of humility that their figurehead did to the early followers of Jesus Christ, along with some mumbo jumbo about how a foot in the hand is worth two in the sandal.  Or something.

Anyway, if a strange religious organisation wants to send its top man around washing and kissing feet then I guess it’s cool.  Better than sending top men around to abuse children or burn women they’ve decided are witches.

However, why is this chap washing and kissing the feet of criminals?  What kind of message does that send to the victims of crime?

Many of the victims of those criminals who are having their feet washed and kissed might have needed the love and support of the top man from their religion.  Instead, they see those who turned them into victims being rewarded with a free feet wash and kiss.

The daily trauma and constant haunting of having been a victim of crime is something that seems to pass by the minds of those in charge of religion.  They just don’t get it.  Hence why the overwhelming majority of the Catholic Church management saw nothing wrong with the child abuse the priests were regularly engaged in.  The plight of the victims was never as important as protecting and looking after the paedophiles within their organisation. The church had greater respect for the criminals than the victims of their crimes.

And again, there we had it for Easter. A glimpse of the entrenched reality of the church’s priorities.  Despite all the soul searching and trying to get in touch with real morality that the Catholic Church has pretended to go through in recent times, the true colours slipped out once again.  The feet washing and kissing was happily provided as a reward for those who were criminals.  Nothing was provided for their poor victims.

Not one Catholic saw that this was wrong.