100 Sharia beatings for children

In the news is the story of yet another child victim of rape who has been sentenced to 100 lashes.  That’s a sentence of being beaten in public.

This time it’s a girl in the Maldives, a place governed by a sort of hybrid Islamic Sharia law meets ancient British law, but with the accent on Sharia.

The 15 year old was repeatedly raped by her step father, causing her to get pregnant.  He subsequently killed and buried the resulting baby, and is still to go to trial.

But, his victim, not only having had to endure the continuous and repeated rape, the absolute horror and trauma of getting pregnant and then giving birth to a baby that is murdered, isn’t given any form of compassion or assistance by the State or its justice system.

Even though it was not her fault, and she was absolutely the victim here, she has to be punished.  As with all and any rape victims under the barbaric Sharia law system, she is guilty of having sex outside of marriage.  Even though it was rape and was not something to which she consented, nor, we assume, something from which she gained any pleasure, she is guilty of sex outside of marriage.  Ridiculous.

So, for being the victim of rape she is sentenced to 100 lashes. Strangely, because she is currently a juvenile, this barbaric act can take place when she is 18, or at any time before that of her choosing.   Well, that’s so nice of Sharia law to be so kind to children in this way, isn’t it.

I still find aspects of this fetish for controlling and punishing women, or in this case, children, very evil. Very evil indeed.

Again, as usual, it is the religion virus that has a hold over the minds of the people who refuse to protect children. As usual, it is the religion virus that gives them an obsession with sex.  All religions come with an obsession about sex, and under strict Islamic law, any man who forces himself on a woman he isn’t married to (Rape is perfectly fine between a husband and his wife.  He can even beat her legally if she refuses him.) can be punished. However, it is also the rape victim’s fault. She must be punished as well.

Beyond this, a girl who has had sex, regardless of whether or not it was consensual, has instantly lost her monetary value.  A virgin is what a man expects when his future wife is selected for him. She cannot have had sex.  If she has he won’t want her.  Indeed, if the family making the selection of who is to be his new female property get wind of the lack of virginity, they will reject her.

So, a rape victim not only gets beaten for having had sex outside of marriage, even though it wasn’t her fault, but also she will never marry.  Females have a value in as much as when they are handed over for marriage, in return a dowry is paid.  This can be money, power, status, or goods or any combination of the four.  A raped female has no value and quite often is quietly killed and disposed of by the family, or at the very least is subjugated to slave status, performing menial tasks for her family for ever more.

Sharia law is already practised in the United Kingdom, and as the Islamic religious virus replaces the Christian one and becomes the dominant repressive force of control, the future doesn’t look good for women.