Happy Birthday to me (yet again)!

Aw. Shucks. You’ve come here because you know it’s my birthday, innit.

Yes, today, February 7th is my birthday.

Today is almost as bad for the postman as Valentine’s Day is, next week.  Sacks and sacks and sacks full to the brim with cards I get. Phew!  It takes 3 months to open them all!  And I’ve only just finished opening all the Happy New Year 2013 cards I got.  Heck, it’s non-stop I tell you, non-stop.

I’m not sure what we are doing this year to celebrate my birthday.  It doesn’t seem like one whole Sol-3 year since we all piled into the McDonald’s for the birthday party special, but, hey, there we all were with the confused and stressed “children’s party specialist” organising the games and all 340 of us singing and dancing after we’d been wearing the animal face masks (provided) to go on our pretend adventure around, well, around the McDonald’s party area, really.

I think that children’s party specialist fancied me.  She said we were the worst behaved party-goers ever, but she gave me a hug as we were leaving.

This year I’m not sure what the staff have in store for me. I’m sure they’ve been plotting and planning all year. I think I just heard them moving the tables around in the day room, and I suspect they’ll be coming to change me and to help me shuffle down the corridor from my room.

Maybe they’ll turn the TV off or at least down for a few hours so that we can party.  I’m sure everybody else in the home will be there.  All sitting in their favourite chairs to avoid getting confused by change, and with a bit of luck we’ll get ice cream and maybe even a cake with all the nurses singing happy birthday.

It’s going to be great. I just love getting older.