Assault weapons and the mentally ill

The world of good novels and excellent movies has lived off the world of conspiracy theories forever.

Storylines that give us ‘stuff’ that’s happening that we, the public, don’t know is happening, have trained us to enjoy stories based on a parallel truth to, well, the truth.  It’s trained us to no longer believe the truth. It’s trained us to always believe the unbelievable and to reject the simple truth.

We’d much prefer to believe that Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA, a creature from a UFO was captured at Roswell, man never landed on the moon but did it all from a film set, the felling of the twin towers during 9/11 was an inside job, and so on and so on.

Americans, on the whole, are nut jobs.  Every time an event occurs that isn’t a comfortable event for our heads to deal with, instantly there’s a conspiracy theory.

Within a day of 20 kindergarten children being shot dead, Youtube and social media was full of the nut jobs with their spin on what had gone on. The nut jobs proclamations ranged from insisting that nothing had happened, everything was just a bunch of actors, through to it was a deliberate move by the anti-gun lobby to further their cause.

Now then, I’m not a denier of the power of propaganda, and I’ve definitely seen it and been involved in it on a personal/professional level.  I mean, ahead of us invading a country, the internal propaganda goes into overtime about how evil those at the top of the target country are. It has to do that in order to motivate us. We were taught to ‘hate’ Hitler and, in exactly the same way, we were taught to hate Saddam Hussain.  Biased propaganda is needed in order to make people compliant and ready to head off into danger as they fight the ‘enemy’ they’ve swallowed all the propaganda about.  That’s how it works.

When it was time to invade Iraq we even had to lie and mock-up propaganda about weapons of mass destruction in order to justify our moves.  So, in that context I can see how conspiracy theories are born out of the propaganda being exposed.

However, the flip side of this is that the conspiracy theorists then go into overtime in order to try to come to terms with things that otherwise just don’t sit right.

That brings us back to the killing of 20 children and their 6 teachers.  It is extremely hard to accept that some  young man killed his mother and then went off and did this. So, instead of accepting it, out come the conspiracy theories to, in some very bizarre way, make it all more believable and acceptable in the minds of the nut jobs.

Reality is a hard thing to get one’s head around.  And the reality is that a mentally ill young man killed his mother and then went and killed 26 others, the majority being 6 year olds.

However, that’s what happened.  Nothing more complex.  A young man rationalised that he should kill his mother and then kill tiny children and their teachers.  It made some kind of sense to his disturbed mind.  The concept of mass shootings seems to make some kind of sense to so many over the years.

The slaughter only happens because two dangerous items are mixed into a cocktail.  The first item is that the mentally ill individual is not identified and removed from society before he can hurt others.  The second item is the free and easy access to weapons of mass destruction, guns.  Not just hand guns, but semi-automatic assault weapons.  And so many of them.  Those intent on slaughter always carry a whole selection of guns.

A gun in the hand of a person getting angry is dangerous and likely to kill.  Lots of guns in the hands of an angry mentally ill person makes sure the body count is high.

America needs to remove one or the other from the streets.  Ideally, both.  The lethal cocktail of the mentally ill and guns will always produce another string of tragic fatalities until something is done to properly keep them apart.  There’s no conspiracy in that, just the cold hard reality that if nothing is done to stop the lethal cocktail, those 20 children and 6 teachers won’t be the last victims of a mass slaughter for a very long.