Save children from Obsessive Compulsive Religious Disorder

For every story that is uplifting and a good demonstration of humanity having humanity, there seems to be a hundred stories that show just how absolutely disgusting humanity can be.

The sad story of the seven year old boy Yaseen is one such story.  His mother repeatedly beat him for not being able to memorise passages of the Koran.  Her beatings got more intense and after an agonising few months, the beatings finally killed him.  She then set fire to his body to attempt to hide the real reason for his death.
She described beating her son as being similar to ‘beating a dog’.  Whoa?  Beating a dog is not acceptable either, yet it was obviously in her head that it was.  Beating things was perfectly ok.
Now then.  A lot of non-Muslims will see only the word ‘Koran’ and will blame the religion. Islam in the wrong hands is a dangerous and terrible religion.  It has always been so.  Yet it is not to blame.
History tells us that it was not so long ago that Christians, especially the Catholics, would do the same thing over passages of the Bible.  As Christianity dies it has lost the bite that used to poison minds enough for terrible cruelty to be inflicted on children in its name. Most recently it stopped trying to hide the sexual abuse too.
What seems to be the common thread here isn’t the religions themselves, more the mental health of those who follow them to the point of obsession.  Devoutly religious people most usually exhibit all the signs of an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and unusual behaviour that appears to exclude pretty much anything outside of their religious devotion.
Obsessive Compulsive Religious Disorder needs to be recognised and the children in the care of those suffering from it need to be removed to safety.  Parents should not be allowed to look after their own children if they are infected with a religious virus.
The social workers who are happy to whisk children away from perfectly fine parents and foster parents just because they support a political party they happen to disagree with, need to focus on the real dangers to children and look for the tell tale signs of religion virus infection and subsequent obsession.  Instead they seem quite happy for these awful tortures and murders to go ahead in the name of religious tolerance, especially if that religion is Islam.
In the name of humanity this has to stop.