What they said about Christopher England #1

A few weeks ago I had to work on location.  I had limited internet access via very expensive satellites, plus it was essential to not have anything on me that might cast doubt on my real identity, so I had absolutely nothing with me that related to Christopher England.  Christopher England is not who I am in real life, and so far I have successfully kept the real me separated from Christopher England.  In fact, the real me only has a very vague internet footprint.

The temporary pause to outbursts via this very blog caused a kind gentleman called Simon to decide to, not unreasonably, discover if I was dead.  These things happen, and I assume that when I do snuff it, the blog will just sit in suspended animation not too dissimilar to what just happened, except forever.

So, Simon put out a call on one of the message boards infested by very old narrow minded radio anoraks. Naturally of course this afforded some of the more brain dead among the anoraks to take opportunities to pronounce on my Christopher England character and the things that are blogged.  Um, actually, I doubt much of what they were referencing related to anything in modern times or this blog.  Their heads are firmly stuck in the past, which is all they recall and live for, so the crimes of Christopher England that they relive as if they were just happening are probably pre-blog and date back to decades ago.

I rarely visit the particular board I’m talking about, but it was mentioned on my Facebork timeline, so I went to have a look-see.  I avoid the board mainly because most posts are made by one of only 10 or 12 actual contributors swapping and changing their names for some reason, and contributors have been openly racist and alarmingly supportive of child abusers like Jimmy Savile.

But, to the first of the pronouncements on Christopher England:

I liked a lot of Christopher England’s contributions to radio and the internet, but I stopped visiting all of his sites when he started posting anti-Israel propaganda.

Peter Moore:
I’m no apologist for Chris England, but is he not allowed to have a view on Israel unless it is positive ?

Yes, CE has that right to print his views. CE’s position is that Israel is guilty of genocide and those in Gaza are mainly innocent bystanders. My view is that Jews, above all people, have learned through history that self-defence is of prime importance. There we have wholly different views and I feel uncomfortable contributing to his boards as I previously did.

Sterling is a Daily Mail reader and quoter.  He is also Christian.  Christians are hard wired to live in ore of Jews, and so therefore don’t accept that Jews can ever do anything wrong.  They are still apologising to the Jews for the death camps of the Nazis in World War II.  It is therefore completely inconceivable to this type of person that Israel could possibly be doing anything wrong with regard to their treatment of Palestinians and those who are trapped or live in Gaza who they openly refer to as ‘cattle’ and randomly kill in their thousands every couple of years.  They are particularly fond of using banned white phosphorous, driving tanks back and forth over graveyards, and killing children.  The IDF even have t-shirts that celebrate the glory of killing a pregnant Gazan, and Israeli leaders have openly declared that they “are desparate to bomb Gaza back into the Middle Ages”.

Interestingly, it is the internet and social media that is showing exactly what the Gazans are having to suffer, and that is why Israel is losing the propaganda war and has the world turned against it.

Apologists for Israel of course never accept that there is anything wrong with any of this picture.  For me though, it is completely unacceptable bullying behaviour that the international community needs to see and challenge.  The oppressed has now become the oppressor.  Until it is stopped, there will not be peace in the Middle East, and just as the Jews tried their best to mount a resistance to the Nazis from their concentration and death camps of nearly 70 years ago, so too there is resistance from those held in the huge concentration camp of Gaza by the oppressors known as Israel.

Peace out!

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  1. The t-shirts were in no way official IDF gear. A few years back some conscripts had some very sick t-shirts printed to commemorate their passing out. The IDF has stopped that.

    Gaza is not a concentration camp. It was occupied and then under siege, both of which I thoroughly disgreed with. It is no longer under siege. Goods pass into and out of the Strip daily. Also the Rafah border crossing into Egypt is usually open these days.

    Unfortunately some of the population preferred to invest their time and money in acquiring rockets (mostly from Iran and Syria) and chose to fire a few thousand of them into Israel. That's happened on and off ever since Israel left the strip and the settlements there. Every so often Israel chooses to respond in order to stop the rocket fire (as one might expect) and immediately gets slapped down by naive Europeans. They squeal about disproportionality but never quite manage to suggest what might be a proportionate response, or what might serve to stop the rocket fire (apart from those pesky Jews leaving the whole country and going back to wherever it was they came from).

    None of the above in any way should imply that I am in favor of the current Israeli government. Their sole purpose during the present term has been their own survival. They've done absolutely zero to progress the peace process, and in a lot of ways they've gone backwards. I'll be voting for the Meretz party, whose platform is based around reviving the peace process, cancelling the Oslo accords and renegotiating with the Abbas leadership in the West Bank. Google Meretz if you want to know more. They have pages in English.

    Chris, I know the situation in Gaza is dire. I know you care about the people there. You'd be surprised that a lot of Israelis would agree with you. But it ain't a concentration camp there. Nobody is gassing them, starving them, shooting them en masse. It doesn't help anyone for you to paint the picture as black/white: poor starving Gazans vs evil brutal Israelis. I believe you know that this isn't the case.

    As you're such a caring chap, I'm looking forward to seeing your piece about the plight of the Syrian citizens, dying by their thousands less than a couple hundred km from where I'm sitting.


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