The BBC’s Climate Change Agenda exposed

I’ve mentioned before that there’s recently been huge resistance by the BBC to a Freedom of Information Act request for the list of 28 external attendees of a seminar held in Television Centre in 2006.  It was at this seminar with over 30 key BBC employees that a policy was adopted for the BBC to push only the ‘Man-Made Global Warming / Climate Change’ Agenda, and to block any sceptical or alternative scientific theories on how there is no man-made climate change.

(Part of the Global Warming lie)

The conclusion to push the single dogma, we are told was after this meeting of what the BBC called, “the best scientific experts”.  Attempts to establish who these ‘best scientific experts’ actually were have been met with the publicly funded BBC’s adamant refusal.  It was for them to know, and for us to accept without question.

Yesterday, the cat accidentally got let out of the bag.  A blogger digging around using the Way Back Machine, actually found a leaflet produced that smugly listed a number of events intended to ‘steer’ broadcasters to a specific way of thinking.

One of these events was the fiercely guarded 2006 meeting of “the best scientific experts”.  It listed all those who attended.

Well, well, well.  It appears that only 3 of the names were ‘scientific experts’ of any calibre and all the rest were lobby groups with their pre-decided ‘green agenda’ to whom the ‘science’ is largely irrelevant.  They are more interested in using the fear of man-made climate change in order to fund their massive projects and to further their global agenda which hangs on the redistribution of wealth from the poor to the millionaire socialists that sponsor them.

So, let me say that again.  Only 3 ‘scientists’ were at this meeting during which it was decided to never broadcast any dissenting voices or evidence that countered the ‘man-made climate change’ lie.

Now, I’m wondering if you are asking who at that meeting from the BBC was so convinced by these lobbyists to follow this bias and to shift the BBC output from one of impartiality to one of promoting the lobbyist’s agenda.

Well, who have we here?

Some fellow called George Enwistle attended.  Hmmm.  There’s also Peter Rippon, Steve Mitchell, and Helen Boaden.

Hey!  Aren’t these all exactly the same people who have resigned or stepped aside (whatever that means) over the false paedophilia accusations against Lord McAlpine?

Well, since you ask, yes, that’s right, that’s exactly who they are!

The people within the BBC who set the agenda for the blocking of any ‘balanced’ reporting on climate change, replacing it with the slow and continuous indoctrination required by their green lobbyist pals, were also responsible in whole or in part for the crisis the BBC is currently facing over the wildly inaccurate reporting via Newsnight.

This all needs a proper investigation in order to establish what other biases the BBC has been drip feeding the nation in order to get us all the ‘accept’ an agenda without question.

For now though, we should be outraged and should demand action by our MPs over the man-made climate change bias, rather than allow this to be forgotten and over-shadowed by all the other events that are hemorrhaging out of the BBC’s closet and into the public arena.